Somnolent musings upon erased blackboards
Etchings of graffiti, of a past gone awry
Struggling to clasp untidy tendrils of hair
Into the enforced order of a barrette
But the strings of hair remain untamed
Even if they’re in their place.

Such is the chaos of disorder and death
To chart into murky waters with a life raft holding you up
Each day bringing a bit of joy or another lump of sorrow
Knowing not where we journey but that we are on a sea
That our captain is Providence
And He will take us where we mean to go.
Only we must steer straight and avoid the dark corners of the soul.
Do not let greed, envy or jealousy dictate your actions
Or the drowning will be your own body and soul.

Serve only honesty and truth, not hurt, at the table of life
Share in your good fortune with the many less fortunate
Tainted lucre turned into food and shelter for the needy
If only we can remember to not be too greedy.