Infinite Human Body & Soul

Beribboned rose, butterfly, Betty Boop

Rose hearts memorial antique yellow ribbon

Tattooed writer’s corpus callosum

Pancreatic hepatic pulmonary coronary

Sweating blood, crying tears, secreting juices,

Lactating milk, secreting cerumen, producing saliva

While the mind ponders infinity in the multiverse

And a system wholly unlike the reality we live in.

Where every possibility occurs simultaneously from our

Soul’s energy which is infinite and immortal.

Heaven is the place where we unlock our soul energy

and see all we are & ever will be & were in the past

Except time, space & thought fuse as one entity.

So what we think is, was & ever shall be in Heaven’s escape of Infinity.

Thus all our dreams come true simply by the power of thought, made flesh, conjoining in

Ecstatic embrace without obsolescence.

The hovel we live in now by virtue of poverty

Becomes the castle, mansion, gated estate of prosperity.

Dying for a worthy cause, a hero celebrated

A mother sacrificing for her children’s welfare

Fruition of the love of our lives coming home finally

To embrace & love without restriction

No encumbrances, with only pure desire

And intense, unchecked want begging for release.

Both climb Mt. Everest and summit climax together.

Forever because time & energy IS thought: one and the same.

So every thought we have had has already happened

Somewhere else. But because we do not see the multiverse,

We are unaware here in this linear time life.

What if you knew your parallel self energy was partaking of your spouse and every other partner ever desired?

Then it would not be Heaven and the keys to the multiverse would not be given to such a person.

That is the conundrum of the unenlightened soul.