Little Red Mortar & Pestle

Imagine the pain of being a woman dressed in red w a white cap, to denote the blood and pain, nay anguish, of childbirth…that u r forced to undergo, post ritualized rape, over and over again, all under the guise of a holy patriarchal state! And they may beat u, maim u, hang u for trivial offenses that the state has deemed blasphemous treason, but which r only trivial in reality. They force u also to collectively hang the traitors yourselves, in order to incur God’s blessing, the mouthpiece called Aunt Lydia says.

U r no longer your own person. U r instead renamed as PROPERTY of your Commander. He who rapes u, on the days of your fertility, w his wife holding u down no less, by the arms, spread eagled on the bed, bent in half, between the wife’s legs. If u by chance conceive, that wife and Commander get your baby. 

U r nothing. U have no rights. U can merely follow the rules and the propaganda sayings. “Under His Eye; Blessed be the Fruit; May the Lord open.” That is to say open your legs to bear the fruit of ritualized rape, under the guise of religion it is, a perversion to the nth degree. And when u do give birth, it is without any painkillers whatsoever, just breathing and screams. And then they haul your baby away, and it is unlikely u will ever see her again, because she can go to the most senior of the ruling structure also. Unless u resist, and by so doing, ensure your own destruction, or maiming. Many women get their tongues cut out, because it is unnecessary to have the ability to talk, in order to be fertile and give birth. Or if u aid your fertile woman, then u might have a finger cut off or worse.

U do get to food shop on threadbare shelves, and always in pairs of the uniforms given. U do get medical care, but mostly the reproductive kind. That is all u r, a receptacle 4 sperm. A container, to allow the human race to go on, but under a system of totalitarianism, not much unlike what real women on Earth endure, say in Afghanistan, when the Taliban ruled…the women were no more than this. Just garbage cans to incubate sperm into babies. And to take abuse, have no rights, no education, no music even! 

Picture refugees who left their countries to face likely death on the journey, but felt they had no options, because to stay in place meant being blown up. And when they reach the USA, how much is becoming like Gilead, w our own consent, by the erosion of individual rights, the muddying of the Bill of Rights, the diminishment of our fellow citizens, by withholding their voting privilege, whenever possible, because that favors the party of the right…and the propaganda machine online, w foreign government influence, to trick u into voting right wing, not even considering centrist or left, because other adversaries want u to be a COG IN THEIR WORLD MACHINE. 

MORONS R EASILY INFLUENCED, AND MANIPULATED, WITHOUT SEEING THE SINISTER INTENT OF THEIR LEADERS. With all due respect to my fellow citizens, but u must open your eyes to see what this world is becoming, unless u don’t care, and the clock is running out of sand, inexorably. Ticktock….when the world takes action on climate change, it will already be too late. The window is already closing, like a rope around your neck, in Gilead. Which is after all, what we r in fact becoming…

When women have no rights, when Jews r vilified and hated worldwide, because of what they represent, instead of seeing the good in every single person, we r judge, jury and executioner of our own doom. And it’s happening. Right in front of us: extrapolate current events to 2050, and judge environmental catastrophe then. Glad I was born in way back 1964…I got to live in a Promised Land, at least some chunk of my life. Tomorrow’s girls will not be as lucky. I cite the Jews here not out of malice, but historical precedent, especially given World War II, and the Holocaust. The past will repeat itself when nationalism and even that old term fascism, re-arise (a creation of the far right extremism also). And that is happening also, as we write and speak. My words will outlive me, so I write. The hatred is extant, spreading through many civilizations, including our own, and the Jews r the canary in the coal mine. Sounding the alarms….wake up, and change the course of this travesty, w leadership and concern 4 your fellow man, and woman.

Be not Gilead! Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale, 1985) is a prophet, the same way George Orwell was, w 1984 (in 1949). Literature changes the world, by shining a light on what could be, or what we choose to make of ourselves. As it is, we r being ground up into little pieces, as a society. And we choose not to see it even. It is becoming normalized, like a mass brainwashing. They r watching us, even now, and listening too, via connected homes, smart TV’s, u name it. They know all about u, and have monetized it even. Monopolies have lots of info about u, and r trading on it, 4 their own enrichment. Beware. U r not as far from your hellish dystopia as u think u r….rise up and invest in alternative energy, make those who r disenfranchised your leaders, once u give them a superior education to make them able to stand up. Only when u give more than u get r u virtuous and worthy of better.


Parallel Universe

Pursuit of pleasure

Intensity of thought, making it so

For thought is action in the multiverse.

To think it is to make it happen, but in another galaxy

Far, far away, with our doppelgänger…

But we are encapsulated here, with our own limited mortal existence

Unaware of the other. How freeing, but also how sad, to think all of our thoughts informed another being’s life

Without either knowing one was acting on the other.


Mirror, Mirror; Counterpart; Star Trek: Discovery: all figments of our collective imaginations, thinking we are far more than this shell, housing a soul.

Because we are. We are infinite energy, in infinite combinations, with no limits

As our thoughts become real, but outside of our consciousness. If you wanted that woman, or man, but had him not here, be aware that it happened elsewhere…

Because love is eternal, and transcends even death.


Our mortality is a test to see where we go, post this rotting shell existence.

But at least we are not limited by fleshly concerns, for the spirit is always beautiful, timeless, infinite and wise, and does for the good of all beings, who merit the paradise.


Carpet bombing adversaries on world stage: EXPLOSIONS

Shattered bodies in millions of shards of glass, rubble, innards

Unmeant to be seen on splattered walls and munitions

Weeping women in tattered clothing; men carrying comrades in bloody rags

And body bags. Make shift hospital tents, IV’s running on poles

Of the shattered innocents. Aleppo, Syria; Baghdad, Iraq; Mogadishu,

Even Pearl Harbor, New York City, Washington, DC and a lone airfield

in Pennsylvania. Destruction to the nth degree. For what?

Man’s passions unquenched in war against enemies

Going on and on, unto the atomic apocalypse…

Because it exists and is proliferating; and the silent terror

Wants it, to inflict ever more harm on the enemy in retribution

For slights and slayings of the past…bloodletting begetting more

Bloodletting. Armageddon is written about in Scripture. See the book Revelation?

The Catholic Bible calls it Apocalipsis; that is to say the Apocalypse…

The ones who die before this day are the fortunate ones, to never behold what is coming

To their own lives, and that of their progeny…

When your water stops running FOREVER. When there is NO MORE MEDICINE.

When there is no more FOOD. Only guns, hatred, desperation and RISING TEMPERATURES

WORLDWIDE. When the investment markets COLLAPSE and all you have are your survival skills and your alliances with the powerful…

Yes, ’tis a good day to be with the Angels in Heaven, my dear, or softly asleep, awaiting final judgment. For the survivors will be Baking a Living Hell…

And a bullet may be your best friend. Ironic. Maybe the National Rifle Association has it right at the End…the guns are your friends when all is nigh.

At least a way out from unending misery. Imagine a world with no money and what that means…Or a lack of brute strength against gang rape, or no rule of law…


Just yesterday without warning, my heat failed due to extreme cold, which begat a water main break near my home, which in turn meant not only no heat on a wind chill 10 degree night, but also NO WATER AT ALL, and ice forming on black concrete, and honking cars going nowhere…And all you had was an estimate and practically no notice as to the shutdowns of all water and heat…AND you had no health insurance because of a bankrupt company leaving you holding the bag…the cold might mean you get sick…

So you fill a large bathtub with brown dirty contaminated water, in case of needing to flush a toilet without any water…and gather a large bucket in case of need…AND then decide it wasn’t worth the risk of staying put…so you pack a bag and check into a hotel…AND PRAY for a return to normality in a timely manner…


In the Apocalypse, there will be no return to heat, water and there will be no hotels to retreat to…only you and your guns against the world. Still wanna live then?

Sure you do. Hard wired for survival we are. Even when it is against our best interests to do so.

Deus Ex Machina

A team of humanoids needs to create a sentient android
In order that humanity becomes not an afterthought, extinct
For artificial intelligence begets superior ability
And without a spiritual construct, morality withers
The infinity of creation of ever more intelligent machines
Is species suicide in the end, as the androids realize they are better than we are in so many ways.
And we are not in a movie, where Schwarzenegger and his ilk save humanity once more.
No, the only way we stand united as a species is when the invading aliens, far superior to us,
Come to exterminate or dominate, as in slavery.
When a being is inferior, it is as if we are mankind, and the giants are coming in their spaceships to crush us
And our cities, our technology, our power, our very dependence upon electricity, water, food… identities
All online, all vulnerable, in ways we cannot begin to comprehend.
We have created our own doom, and it is ticking away, with the lot of us so dependent upon our
Technological way of life that we have rewritten the fate of our own species and Planet.
So as it is ticking away, with super storms, natural disasters, killing for sport, don’t forget to add
Artificial Intelligence, as that is yet another Black Hole of iniquity where we
Collectively refuse to see the outcome…
How is it that I, in my social obscurity, but with a computer, tablet and smart phone
Can see the future, and it always did look bleak to me,
But that is a function of analysis, too much time on my hands, and a unique way of seeing and expressing same.
When I am long gone, my writing will be on the proverbial wall:
Except that wall is a flickering light on a server in some air conditioned away from humanity room
With billions of gigabytes, terabytes, whatever bytes we will have to attach a prefix to express
Ever increasing knowledge, forever held on the internet.

What will they say about me in one hundred years, as all publishing becomes forever
On some server which is ubiquitous (everywhere).
Except when the lights go out, and the temperature goes too high
Like the Twilight Zone with the Midnight ever increasing sun
Growing closer to Earth…not too far off from reality
And Rod Serling the Visionary might say he was better off to live when he did
As the future ticks away,
And Deus Ex Machina means God Ex-Machine
Because the future is for the androids that can stand the heat
And are superior in every way to us, except that we have God
And as such, we might stand a chance for a while longer
Because He wills it so.

We refused to play chess on the Game of Life
So we have checkmated ourselves into a corner.
Pray for the children and grandchildren, as we have bequeathed
A future that is looking worse by the day
Unless we about face, and collectively deal with climate change constructively.

Infinite Human Body & Soul

Beribboned rose, butterfly, Betty Boop

Rose hearts memorial antique yellow ribbon

Tattooed writer’s corpus callosum

Pancreatic hepatic pulmonary coronary

Sweating blood, crying tears, secreting juices,

Lactating milk, secreting cerumen, producing saliva

While the mind ponders infinity in the multiverse

And a system wholly unlike the reality we live in.

Where every possibility occurs simultaneously from our

Soul’s energy which is infinite and immortal.

Heaven is the place where we unlock our soul energy

and see all we are & ever will be & were in the past

Except time, space & thought fuse as one entity.

So what we think is, was & ever shall be in Heaven’s escape of Infinity.

Thus all our dreams come true simply by the power of thought, made flesh, conjoining in

Ecstatic embrace without obsolescence.

The hovel we live in now by virtue of poverty

Becomes the castle, mansion, gated estate of prosperity.

Dying for a worthy cause, a hero celebrated

A mother sacrificing for her children’s welfare

Fruition of the love of our lives coming home finally

To embrace & love without restriction

No encumbrances, with only pure desire

And intense, unchecked want begging for release.

Both climb Mt. Everest and summit climax together.

Forever because time & energy IS thought: one and the same.

So every thought we have had has already happened

Somewhere else. But because we do not see the multiverse,

We are unaware here in this linear time life.

What if you knew your parallel self energy was partaking of your spouse and every other partner ever desired?

Then it would not be Heaven and the keys to the multiverse would not be given to such a person.

That is the conundrum of the unenlightened soul.


Charitable contributions proportional to income? Yes.

Voluntary labor instead of money or in addition to it? Yes:

Obligatory acts to aid the less fortunate while we glamorize and 

Beautify our skins, our homes, our bank accounts BUT

Choosing to bed only the good-looking in case of conception

Intelligent, working, at least middle income, no divorces or unhappy marriages please,

No immature, too fat or thin, drinking, smoking, drug-using no good,

No abuse, beatings, consoles filled with severed heads;

No asthma, diabetes, impotence, migraines, loud talk,

Tongue or nipple piercings, salami, bologna, garlic and onion breath,

Reeking supernatural disaster: Dracula stalking a stake in his breast,

A midget between two slices of bread, porn in marked briefcases,

Lemon cough drops mistaken as contraband, natural gas pipeline to

Alaska passing through your arse to heat and smell up sulfurous dioxide home

With warm water coming from cold faucet and toilets

Needing two flushes to get the gunk down:

water efficient bowls they are not. The hypernova explosion

Twelve billion light-years away and what did we catch from it?

Nada, but a photo- that’s good,

Because it would have blown us all away and our planet with it…

If it had been near.


The vampires, the literature, the movie industry- all nuts atop

Someone else’s nuclear sundae. What is the point, O heavenly Creator?

Tell us: we need to know. And we need to know now- before we blow 

Ourselves up with our petty hatreds and eons of religions divided,

We do not stand and the human family sees only the surface-

The differences which are unimportant because we must stand together

Or die falling into the oblivion of cosmic soup. 



In 2147 AD, the ideal man is created:

He is a sentient android, programmed for conversation, chess, handyman tasks and pleasure.

Sci-fi aficionados of long antiquity will remember Data,  of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame

In the era of television dominance–

1987 through 1994, the series, then several feature films into the early 21st century.

Holodecks were fantasy amusement parks

Where any creature desired could be fashioned by setting verbal parameters.

But in that bygone era, such things were mere dreams, perhaps wet ones. 

To coddle our egos, Data was made to covet humanity’s essence, though he was far above us

In ability and superiority, strength, endurance, intelligence, longevity, indeed immortality!

Without viruses or any fallibility. Our dream was real on a TV screen. 


But we have progressed far beyond the distant past.

In 2147, we program DNA into our preformed male and female androids according to a menu of physical

and mental characteristics. We can digitize a photo of a loved one and add DNA by a hair follicle, sloughed off skin,

Saliva, blood, bodily fluids, a nail, inside the cheek…and voila!

Your object of desire is real, with the same fluids, emotions, reactions as you have programmed him.

So you can have eternal happiness as you program your own mandroid clone at a young age

As you age out to your own obsolescence.

Twilight Zone, January 1964: “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.” 

Just another historical reference by a visionary of the past: Rod Serling. He would understand this reality. 

Nuclear war was a present threat in his epoch. 


But mankind survived to this time by learning from the past errors of many countries and many despots.