In Order to Form a More Perfect Union…

TICK, TICK, BOOM! THERE GOES MY CREDULITY at state of events in this once singular country called USA, or America. The people have truly become gladiators, watching misery 4 sport, inflicting same on each other…and pointing fingers afterward, if not guns, which will be quite soon, anyway…

2nd Amendment right to bear arms, beloved by hunters and the National Rifle Association alike, which in the 1770’s, referred to a well armed militia, “shall not be infringed…” The Founding Fathers could have scarcely imagined what their words would devolve into today, and they would be locked in furious debate, then action, on what it means to have a well armed militia…certainly not men who bring an arsenal of one man, hundreds of automatic machine guns, from long distances, aimed at crowds of concert goers, or Sandy Hook, or Wal-Mart, or the thousands of places synonymous w carnage of citizens. We inure ourselves to the continuing blood letting, even when one day it will hit us, or someone we love, which is inevitable in this course of events, because NRA and the people have run amok, from what the creators of this republic intended.

I do not have it against responsible gun ownership, or hunting for food, or even enjoyment, anymore than I hate fishers, who sustainably catch fish for us to eat. It’s just that there has been a sea change in America, and it is us. We r governed by consent, by the vote, and the men and women we choose to send to Washington DC r supposed to represent us, and our convictions, our ideals, being our Representatives, Senators and the President himself. So evidently, we have chosen to self-immolate, to be impaled upon our own swords, or in this case, flattened by bullets, hollow point, machine guns, masses of bodies, not unlike war, which we r reminded, is hell. We have chosen this 4 ourselves, by electing such representatives, and not doing anything meaningful to combat same.

Thus, the mass murders will continue, ad infinitem. Like Trump rallies, Making America Great again, pie in the sky 4 everyone, or “let ’em eat cake,” famously uttered by Marie Antoinette…because we r who we elect, at the end of the day. And the policies they espouse, by necessity, have to be our policies, so the results keep pouring out in blood and soft tissue injuries in ER’s all over America…this is who we r now. We r consenting to this way of life, if we allow the blood soaked carnage to continue, with no changes, ever. Only the same tired words of “prayers and condolences” 4 those lost. Even when it’s innocent children at school, we shake our heads, but WE DO NOTHING. Put flowers, toys, memorials up all over USA, in place of people murdered by our collective indifference.

It is the same w acquittal of Impeachment, a conclusion foreseen by many, by virtue of our partisan times, and the Senate, held trial, briefly, w great orations of Constitutional scholars and lawyers on top of their games. The Senate seats 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats, effectively, as 2 Independents caucus w the Democrats always…and so we could foresee that final votes would stack up on these party lines, but for a single history making objection of conscience by one Senator Mitt Romney, of Utah, on a single Article of Impeachment, voting Guilty, on Abuse of Power.

Whatever u think of this single vote of Guilty, it was significant, and risky politically for Romney to cast such vote, in controversion of his own Party, the only Senator to ever buck the trend of staying in line w them. He has 4 more years to serve in his Senate term, so we will not hear what Utah thinks about it politically until he has to run 4 office again. He voted his conscience, in finding the POTUS guilty, and explaining why he did so. It took courage and conviction at least, something sorely lacking in Washington DC today. He stood up. Even if u disagree w his action, u have to admire that he voted his conscience, against the will of the party. He will pay some price 4 this, I am sure.

I am reminded of today’s days in terms of TV shows we watch and stream on computers, tablets, cell phones, wherever u get your video fare…and it is not unlike watching the Gladiators in combat at the Roman Colosseum, when Emperors put men into the arena, to be slashed to pieces, by men on chariots, w swords, or to be eaten by lions and other wild animals, while the wealthy of Rome watched safely from the stands…condemned men, but w no elements of a free, fair trial, all it took was accusation and innuendo, perhaps a jealous mate, or a rival, to denounce u, and 2 be put to death so publicly, so cruelly…

Today we have shows like Survivor, America’s Got Talent, where acts r encouraged to do death defying balances over fires, on thin wires, atop stacked chairs, many dozens of feet high, escaping from manacles under water, w risk of drowning, throwing yourself out of a live cannon, by explosion….The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, where beautiful people who r pre-screened for attractiveness, at least certain levels of making a living, who r contrived to be put into falling in love situations, deliberately, then eliminated, in competition for the choice of a red rose, who is left standing? One by one, a certain majority will have their hearts broken, only in search of being “the one.” And we the people watch, remembering our own misadventures w love, and being glad that they got their hearts broken, as we once did also, or even repeatedly. It’s called “schadenfreude,” this enjoyment of other people’s misery, that we feed on, being glad that someone else has suffered, not us, this time. We LOVE to watch danger, even when it is real, not acted, or to watch heartbreak, “or the thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to,” (W. Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3, sc. 1).

This is who we are, both today, yesterday and tomorrow. No wonder we r a failed experiment as a species. If an intelligent advanced alien out there saw us, he would conclude us mad, and maybe serve us up, in a nice soup, or “fava beans w a nice Chianti…” (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lechter, to Agent Clarice Starling). Eat up, my fellow Earthlings: it’s much later than we think. And toast to us too, while we r at it. U can choose your wine, or your blood, freely, as u wish, as this is America, in the 21st Century. And we are our country. Symbolically and literally, WE THE PEOPLE. Today, that constitutes an epitaph, the opening words of the hallowed Constitution.

Ah! The Joy of a Backscratcher!

There is nothing so good as scratching an itch! Especially a recurrent one, on your back, in your ears, your scalp…itchy, dry skin all over body, exacerbated by dark winter doldrums…nothing like  your skin to remind u u r getting older. And the skin is getting older, crepey, wrinkled. I have 2 of them at home, in case of need, which is daily now, the itch. One from Chinatown, long thin, w a curved hand of wood, to scratch with. The other is more fancy, to travel with, a must these days, as itches can be quite maddening!

That one is like a rake, silver w 7 tongs, adjustable, w a black sturdy handle, and it goes from 4 inches long to 18 inches, my! Because the length of a back varies, as we have noted. I sit at my desk, contentedly purring, when in her grasp, the backscratcher, nicknamed Matilda. This is the adjustable one. Sold by Amazon, natch. She has been a solace to me, Matilda. I pick her up, daily, as the need arises.

I have no one to scratch my back, but Matilda makes me self-sufficient. I store her in my desk’s nook, one of many nooks I have. I think Hell will be a place where u have itches, no one to scratch, and no way to reach them, w no implements to use either.

And then, there r the medical itch conditions that exist as well, w bad genetics to blame. Do u know someone w eczema or psoriasis? What if it is hidden, like in an orifice?? Anyone know that eczema can exist solely in the outer third of your ears? I know, because it is genetic in my maternal family. Some were lucky, others not so much. Combine that eczema w an impacted wax condition, needed clean outs every 3 months at least, for life, and u can see that hell exists in a living body. Only excellent ENT doctors know how to get it out as well, without hurting u, or drawing blood, or inducing infections. A lifetime of improper care, w severe consequences, from insults and poor care, along the way. Not every place has such excellent practitioners of ENT care…

And the wax is supposed to be wet, as my 23andme genetic testing says, but why then is it so dry, and hard to remove and needs a scrip medicine prior to visiting that 4x/year visit, or more, if u get an infection, that backs up your middle ears, which is also a hazard, because of narrow Eustachian tubes….surgery within, to deal w hearing loss, from horrendous infections over the years. Myringotomy tubes, to open up the middle ears, drain, medicines, complications, no exposure to water allowed, at all, when that’s your problem, which means no swimming, and big cotton balls, moistened w Vaseline, to plug it, and prevent water from draining in, in the shower….

And if u get any more medical conditions, that u r subject to, again by genetics, like say Parkinson’s Disease, where u lose motor control of your head movements, well then, they will be unable to clean your ears then, because u need to be perfectly still. Or else severe pain, bleeding, etc. Many nerves in the ears, to transmit pain. Also itches. Wax also itches, not just eczema. And it causes hearing loss mechanically as well, when it impacts the eardrum, as mine does, like clockwork it is, not A Clockwork Orange. When u turn up the volume, u r harming anyone else in your immediate environment as well, in your home, and neighbors. The more they hear increased volumes, the more hearing they will lose, and not get back. Except for imperfect hearing aides, not covered by Medicare, incidentally, and very costly. Not everyone likes them either, as they amplify indiscriminately. U want background noise amplified, there u r. Ask wearers what they think. Many just sit in a box, unused. Disconnecting the person w the hearing loss.

But at least, there is that wonderful backscratcher! And a good doctor nearby, who talks rock music w me, and he deals w my condition, telling me that w this, I am simply lucky. There r some head and neck cancers he could tell u about, Meniere’s, tinnitus….and he sees me 4x per year. It could be worse. I don’t have Parkinson’s and my 23 scan shows no variant present in me, so maybe I will escape that. I put myself out and pray, as it’s more than enough, this panoply of conditions that can drive u 2 distraction!

What use is it 2 have humans w so many medical conditions, that go from the nuisance type to the deadly? We have to decrease the surface population, that’s why. Limited resources, made worse by climate change in progress, w land being swallowed up by rising seas, unclean air and water, desperation…hunger, thirst, unabated. Teeming shores of refugees, seeking a place where it’s better, not being swallowed up at least…And so many r like the trio of monkeys, seeing, speaking and hearing no evil. Even if it is already upon us, if we but look w unbiased eyes. We can learn from the UK, because they see better, being a nation of small land area, relative 2 us, and the isles r uniquely vulnerable. We need to learn, quickly. And we need friends too, around the world. Do we have that, nations who have our back, really??

Think UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, r they w us now? Will we need them in the future, like say NATO?? Can we realistically substitute North Korea, China, Russia, Turkey and the like for the pre-mentioned nations above? I think if u r smart, u can answer that question, roundly no. Autocrats, oligarchs r merely self-interested for their own good, and we have a government that knows how the real friends r. Except we have alienated every single one of them, making us more vulnerable than ever. Listen and learn, before it’s too late, my people.

Me Duele El Ovario (My Ovary Hurts Me)

Every time a news report comes out, slander, or in print, libel, criticizing the President, because narcissism can’t bear to hear anything but praise, and great heaps of it Me duele el ovario.

Whenever a woman calls out rape or sexual assault, or human trafficking across borders, to be sex slaves, unbidden and kidnapped, only because she wanted a better life 4 herself and her children, me duele el ovario. 

#OscarsSoWhite : When achievement in filmmaking ignores obvious talent, in favor of exclusionary white men, even tho they r outnumbered, and dying, by census stats, ignoring people of color and women, me duele el ovario. 

When winners r announced at the Oscars, which determines your financial destiny going forward in a career, watch 4 anyone who is Latino(a), black or female to be excluded from consideration, mostly. All u need 2 see is the nominations to see the process is corrupt, me duele el ovario. 

And don’t give me that there r categories of women who act, so that exonerates them NOT! We have noted the exclusion of Director Greta Gerwig!  Me duele el ovario. 

When women get press for advancing to 73 cents on the dollar that a man earns, that’s economic terrorism, made to perpetuate financial dependency on men, which is their secret power weapon, keep them in place, barefoot, in the kitchen, me duele el ovario. 

“Hey,  u have power…u can do anything u want w them, grab them by the pussy…” and this doesn’t even exclude a candidate from consideration for the Presidency, by women and men who make excuses 4 such statements, saying hyperbole, which the President doesn’t even understand the meaning of, as he can’t bear to read, anything ever, me duele el ovario. 

When disabled Americans who collect Social Security r threatened w elimination of their benefits, including Medicare coverage, revolt! Who does that disproportionately affect? Women r more likely 2 become disabled in lifetime of caregiving roles for family and friends. Why don’t we empty out the nursing homes w machine guns aimed at the elders and infirm, disabled? What use r they to America? Sure, Hitler did the same, and we embolden our leaders by giving a pass to them to commit worse atrocities, against those most vulnerable, me duele el ovario. 

When families r separated at the border, behind cages of wire, no dignity, wrapped in silver plastic blankets, crying, w no diapers or feed 4 the infants, public open toilets, plain view, like a prison, filth and vermin included, only because they were fleeing certain death in war zones, like Aleppo, Syria, me duele el ovario. 

When u see women reduced to their basic minimum of being incubators 4 babies, hey, look, Margaret Atwood, that’s real life A Handmaid’s Tale, happening today in the good old USA, because that’s why we allow u to live, u annoying, complaining, writing good 4 nothing women! Shut up and swallow some cock, while you’re at it, as we have no use 4 u, once u r done w your child bearing activities, me duele el ovario. Remember u r easily replaced. 

A Marriage Story? About divorce, because how can a man bear to spend a lifetime w one woman, as we all know men want variety, nay demand it! Why put a noose around his cock, or neck? Go from woman to woman, all your live long life, as u want, because women r expendable once u use them up and spit them out, as the junk u regard them 2 be, me duele el ovario. 

The children grow up without a viable male parent, because he regards his family as secondary to his career, and they r mere by-products of his sexual pleasure and conquest. A notch on his belt, the kids r his rooster like projection of virility, the more the better…as if he can support them all, which he might not do, as he only wants to convince u of his power and economic might, me duele el ovario. 

And when these loving, sacrificing, caregiving women get ugly, by virtue of aging, premature lines on faces, thick hips, burgeoning buttocks, upthrust, drooping boobs, turn them over or in 4 a new model, because the system always produces more women looking 4 sugar daddies, and women r expendable, especially once u use them up in caregiving and child rearing, me duele el ovario. 

Bring home diseases from your various late night excuses, and give them to your loving, trusting wife, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, crab lice, chlamydia, u name it…oh yeah, incurable 4 life herpes, u want that too? Me duele el ovario. 

I come to realize that being self-sufficient is the only way to transcendence of these fates, but such outcome is not available to the majority of women. The system is constructed to exclude most, if not all. And when your daughters grow up, they will become depressed at the state of affairs, and be dependent on daddy, who may not even be there, or a man, who can kick u all the way 2 the bank, where u have no money, and no hope, and no life, dependent on men who make u miserable, raping, beating, abusing in verbal, physical, sexual spheres, and this is what u bought into, this system where u didn’t stand a chance, right from the beginning, being born with ovaries and a vagina, which is crying, right about now (…ser nacida con ovarios y una vagina, tal cual lloran, en este momento).

And that is how my ovary hurts, daily, in these drunk, unfair United States of America, where we elect leaders by consent of the governed, unless we give them a pass too, to continue the status quo. And be emboldened to do whatever the hell they want, because we said so, with our votes in November 2020.



Monkey Business Impeachment 2020

Political Satire: US Senate sworn in to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and to render impartial justice to one sitting 1st term President Donald John Trump, to which all swore and then signed a book to make it official. Chief Justice John Roberts also sworn to be the presiding judge of the proceedings, now commencing January 21, 2020 at 1pm.

Is there anyone in America so blind as to not see that it is a sham, to say that you will listen to evidence, opening statements and the like, and to know well beforehand that Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has already the 51 votes he needs to dismiss the case against this President? It is apparent that we need a show here, which is why this is entitled Monkey Business.

Even if you think there is a made up hoax, as the President daily suggests, and everyone who testified beforehand, career diplomats even, were lying, it made no difference whatsoever, beyond getting the asterisk up against the name of the President Donald Trump, as impeached by the House of Representatives. That will stand the test of time, long after all of us are dust. The House definitely had a case to make, but the Senate it is a sham. We knew it well ahead. They called it a weak case; they called it a coverup, lies, corruption, personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, a weak link, manipulation, firings, imprisonments of the President’s men, but maybe also an education of the American people, so as to make them aware of what our Constitution really means, in regards to these proceedings.

Most native born Americans do not ever get so much as a taste of the law, much less Constitutional Law, which was offered as an elective at my vaunted public high school even, with visits to that same Supreme Court of the US even. We have been called apart from the masses, because we proved ourselves on a single test of worthiness, the SHSAT, the specialized high school admission test, of which in a typical year, 30,000 children vie, and perhaps 1000 get in, by achieving a passing score. The test is under combat by politicians currently, who are wary of the lack of diversity in said high school, but that was not the case in 1978-1981, when I was a student there. But I digress.


THE SENATE HAS 53 REPUBLICANS AND 47 DEMOCRATS. YOU DO THE MATH. If you are not with him, you are against him. And so it goes…there will be no fair trial, and no impartiality. We are witnessing history here, and it is a gross miscarriage to call it an impartial trial. It was never such, and we knew that well ahead. But let them carry on, do their duty, long hours and 2 jobs, and have done with it. The voters will have their say twice this year, beginning in February in Iowa and running through June, then the general election in November. People will vote and then we will know what America thinks of this Donald J. Trump, after his sham trial, yet to begin.

Let the fireworks begin! At least it’s an unusual show on TV. Only the 2nd such televised trial since William J. Clinton, in October 1998 onward into 1999. 37 days that took in the Senate then…and he was acquitted then, as this President surely will be also. The only difference this time is we have a vote to come on whether we want him anymore. Clinton did not face that in his trial. 

Epigenetics (Science vs Nurturing)

Not everyone knows about the science of epigenetics, so here’s a primer on it: these are heritable traits that stack on genes, from external modifications to DNA that turn genes on or off. They instruct cells how to read genes. Epigenetic changes alter the physical structure of DNA however (Live Science, 2013).

Here’s an example to boil down the sci speak: If a person has had a physical, sexual or emotional abuse episode that got stored as trauma in long term memory, the damage of that one single episode has altered the gene itself, on top of the DNA structure. And these changes in the lines over the double helix of DNA do get passed down in genes to offspring. Now multiply that repeated times through a childhood, with different protagonists insulting you, not accepting you, not befriending you, bullying you, parents who can find nothing to be proud about in their children, who belittle you instead, and who are themselves crippled from emotional abuse that was part of their upbringing…

You get the idea. Imagine that people who suffered emotional abuse, physical neglect, and worse, plus the sexual abuse by trusted clergy, of children, and you see we have a mega-problem. These same parents are unfit to be parents themselves, but the drive to replicate yourself is powerful and innate. Even though that too is a disappointment ultimately, as you find out just how UNLIKE YOU Junior is. Because he/she has unique genetics as well as the ones he inherited from you and your spouse or biological parent.

So the child is like glancing in a mirror darkly to you, with massive differences and yet major similarities. But those epigenetics stay on, and are replicated throughout the generations. So your own ability or not to deal with trauma is impacted by those changes. So if mama is a nervous nelly, and drank copious amounts of full strength caffeinated coffee, or alcohol, or smoked during pregnancy, all these things were percolating your development in the womb. Even if she was able to afford you, if she had emotional and financial support for that pregnancy…if she felt that it was an ideal time to be pregnant, or whether her employer was supportive as well, because in 2019, your mama is likely to be working, statistically, when women are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Try telling a new mother that the midnight feedings, colicky babies who won’t sleep during the night, and then mom has to get up at 6am to get ready to go to work, a long day besides, and dress baby for day care, or get all supplies ready plus phone numbers in case of illness or emergency, and a lick and a prayer…because most moms do not have a grandmother easily accessible who will watch the tyke all the work day long. And add on those sleepless nights, which then make you heavy, exhausted, sick, nervous, and over time, perhaps even craziness ensues! Seriously, lack of sleep is implicated in not only diabetes, heart and brain disease but also insanity, if it goes on too long. Your immunity drops too. You are a walking zombie! Ask any single mother what it is, and how she endures, with a full time job and an unsympathetic boss. Yup, trauma, and the epigenetics swipe again, passing down to the next generation….

And for the men reading this, these baby mamas need you too, to take up the slack, be a caregiver, work your own job as well as run the home, do the chores, and see how much of this you can take as well. Remember Barbara Bush at the time of inauguration of George Herbert Walker Bush? She looked like his mother! And it was because she did the heavy lifting of caregiving that brood of children, all 6 of them! While he did his military service and then rose in politics to the Presidency of the USA. He got much of the glory and credit for what he did, while she raised mostly successful and wonderful children, all because she was a model caregiver mom. A great testament to the history of this country, that family!

So when you go shopping for a spouse, look carefully at who it is you choose, because mental illness carries over as well as alcoholism, substance abuse, work ethic, frugalness, genetic diseases, maltreatment syndromes, all that gobbledygook.

Except you won’t, because your whole goal in this is simply to get laid, move on and not be bothered with the person you just slept with. Even if she gets pregnant. The next question will cast aspersions on the woman, for her not knowing well who she bedded, and then she gets the fruit of that union, and all its epigenetics to boot. And the man zips up and walks out, only to testify to Congress many years later: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton, 1998. As one example of countless ones before and since. Fortunately in that case, there was no pregnancy to contend with. I am sick and tired of the yin/yang positions in life and politics, where the woman is vilified and destroyed while the men get a pass in society for having bedded countless women!

Men get a pass on almost all bad behavior, whereas a woman needs to be unnaturally squeaky clean in order to even enter politics. She had better be slim, married, with children who are well adjusted, and with no sexual shenanigans in her past. No such standard is even raised for men. Witness Donald J. Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas…it goes on and on. Infinity of examples of bad behavior, all tolerated, swept under the rug, with a wide broom, because the bias is by and for men, against women. Even when you have great women on the stand, as witnesses, still their testimony carries no real weight, because the bias is systemic. We will stand by the President no matter what, because party comes before the country’s good.

And therein lies the rub: the House will come crashing down one day by these decisions we have collectively made, in not heeding truth, or even credible evidence and witnesses. The empire is falling and we are going with it. Not unlike a glacier calving and melting in the Arctic, we are reaping what we have sown. I know my essay is not popular. I am a woman, and my message is negative about our societal prospects, so no one wants to hear it, or even comment about it. But I get the satisfaction of having my say, and that will endure, because the Internet is forever. One day they will say I was prescient in my predictions, long after my voice is stilled.

Constitutional Obligations

Many Americans have served on a jury, in either civil or criminal cases, because it’s a Constitutional duty, unless you have very specifically defined reasons for excuse from service.

Similarly, those Americans who have been called to serve as our representatives in the government, as elected representatives, are SWORN to represent the PUBLIC INTEREST, AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, to which they swear on a Bible, so help them God, if they fail to do so. Certain other officials are called upon as appointees, like Supreme Court justices, Ambassadors and others to whom the national security depends. If any of these officials abdicates their constitutional duty, there are remedies available in the document, which is precisely spelled out, what to do.

And the House of Representatives finds itself embroiled in this upholding of the Constitutional duty, whether it is pointless or not, because likely the Senate is not going to go along with an impeachment of this particular President. But the House is OBLIGATED to go through this exercise, by virtue of corroborated investigation of pertinent witnesses, because they are defending the National Interest, AND they have been entrusted with this responsibility, in that same vaunted document, the Constitution, sworn to uphold.

Whether the Senate chooses to uphold also their sworn duty, it matters not; the House is first mentioned as the investigating body, to impeach the President, when there are causes for concern, like high crimes and misdemeanors such as bribery and treason. Even partisan Americans can surely see that when one is swearing fidelity to be this American, a representative, you must uphold your sworn duty, even if distasteful. It does not matter if you are a partisan person in this case. You have to do your duty, whatever side of the aisle you are on. Like the typical American doing his jury duty. You are sworn to listen to the evidence and consider only that, not your own partisanship, when deciding someone’s fate. You need to be impartial.

I know that is in short supply these days. Everyone is hyper-partisan. But our entire way of life is at stake if we cannot adopt that impartiality, to simply listen to the facts, as they unfold, and consider only that, no matter what your party is. Would you choose fascism as your style of government? Or endemic corruption at every level of government? When blameless Ambassadors and career diplomats, unimpeachable honest Americans can be either killed, fired, smeared, reputation destroyed needlessly, cronies put in jail every other week, simply for loyalty to this POTUS, your loved USA is being strung up, as if it’s going down like Nazi Germany, complete with lynchings, both real and figurative, and anyone who fails to see this, when they read, and watch TV, is complicit in the destruction from within of beloved America!

Please, can we just be civil enough, to listen, and reserve judgment, until the Judge instructs us to deliberate? Is that too much to ask, even when some love this President, and abhor this impeachment? It’s ok to have an opinion, but God help us if we abandon the Constitution, when that is the bedrock this great country was built on. We have to give it its due or else fall into the fate of Sodom & Gamorrah. Or Nazi Germany for that matter, fascism. The rule of law is what stands between us and them. And the past can repeat itself, and has. Because people have forgotten history. I haven’t, as my own grandparents fled Poland and Austria in 1920 because of the anti-Semitism then. And made a better future for themselves here in America, which extends to me today, almost 100 years later. I haven’t forgotten and cringe when I see the nationalistic strains of neo-Naziism, and hatred, killings, new but not so much, and they are coming for the Jews, the Blacks, the Latinos, anyone labelled other, the gays, the immigrants taking our jobs…it’s the same playbook.

Be threatened by lack of self-initiative, not marginalized, hated groups. Make yourselves the best you can be, and that includes that impartiality, when called upon to be that person. Reserve judgment until all the facts are known, and yes, corroborated too, with email, recorded conversations, witnessed phone calls loud enough to be overheard, and then make your judgment, based upon those facts and those alone. Park your partisanship at the door when it really matters. Your country depends on your ability to do this. Or else you merit that fascism which is in process right now, without your even knowing it, or even caring…and those whom you love will be strung up too, if you don’t. Black ops sites, anyone? Decent people who are honored one minute, then disappeared the next, or targeted, with acid burns that disfigure, then kill a woman, 4 months later?

Be afraid, very afraid. The troubles come in every country, even this one. We have a means to avoid this fate, if we can just find our better selves. It is incumbent upon us to do so, and spread this message far and wide. Be fair, regardless of your party. Justice! You will reap what you sow, collectively. And all empires crumble, sooner or later. But we can be better than this, if we simply open our eyes, and work together, in the collective interest. We need this now, more than ever. What America do you want to bequeath to your children?

In the Eye of the Storm: Dorian

Irony: the beautiful calm of the sea, with sunset nigh, waters calm seemingly, but churning just beneath the surface, in the canyons with volcanoes and vortices of whirlpools, unseen, just beneath rising sea levels.

One day soon, the land will be swallowed up, under those rising seas, with low lying lands first, islands slammed by 200 mph winds of hurricanes, cyclones, monsoons, whatever you call them, it’s all the same: deadly. Today, it’s the Bahamas, a protectorate of the United Kingdom, tomorrow Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, US mainland, presumably guarded by all stages of government, federal, state and local.

Except that FEMA is functioning, telling the gospel of self-reliance, because that’s what the Feds want you to do. DON’T LOOK TO THEM! They will not save you from the inundating waters, not really. It’s a coins toss whether some rescue officials will come to get you off your house’s roof, or fish you out of your submerged car. FEMA funds have been cut by this POTUS, in favor of building that Mexico and Central American blocking wall. That is the priority: keep those would be immigrants out, but at the expense of Americans who will die in the flood waters, or the catastrophic surge, or in diseases in the aftermath of the storm, in camps with cots, tarps sure, but nothing more…it’s a long term problem, and FEMA needs more funding to fight it.

Hatred is corroding the USA from within. Microwaves inundating our government workers who were working in Cuba and China. Big study of the effects, neurological damage all, permanent, by University of Pennsylvania Medicine. State Department is playing politics with these workers and their families, as CHINA’S RELATIONSHIP WITH USA IS TOO BIG AND SPECIAL, SO WORKERS DON’T GET LABELED AS HARMED BY SECRET MICROWAVE RADIATION WEAPON, AND MEDICAL COVERAGE IS LIMITED BY TIME, OR DENIED, AND THE EFFECTS ARE PERMANENT. CHILDREN AND SPOUSES ALSO HARMED AS WELL, NO PAID REHABILITATION FOR ANY OF THEM, BECAUSE CHINA HAS TO BE DEFENDED, EVEN IF OUR PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO PAY A TERRIBLE PRICE. Another hostile country has also used this weapon against our government workers, but it is classified, so we don’t know which one. We only know because 60 Minutes is a massive resource for American citizens to know the truth, which is out there, simply to discover.

Dorian is churning, moving at 1 mile per hour now, destroying the whole of the Bahamas, then us next…and the government just issues platitudes ahead, to get 7 days of supplies of non-perishables, which won’t be nearly enough, when the lights go out, and there is no potable drinking water, and there are so many high rises, with no working elevators, and the pumps of gasoline run dry, and flood waters inundate the foolish, who stayed behind, maybe as  death wish, despite mandatory evacuation orders.

And people have short memories, not recognizing that these monster hurricanes are repeat affairs, year after year, and one year, it’ll be arriving on your doorstep too, as the sea level rise is in progress, with ice sheets melting into the world’s waters, killing coral reefs, and then fish, and then the last consumer: humans. Coming soon are the days of no viable drinking water, no tap water, no electricity as our Earth burns up. And the death counts rise annually. One day they will categorize such deaths as under the umbrella of Global Warming.

We needed to care, but we didn’t, not in time anyway. And the children and grandchildren will condemn our generation for not caring enough, for not doing enough when the scale was tipping and we could have averted catastrophe, but didn’t. When you vote for President Trump, please consider your children’s and grandchildren’s future on this warming Earth. He is no friend to the Environment, and he is 73 years old, a narcissist textbook definition that, with no concern about others, even his own family, who will live longer in this soup than he will. If I were you, I’d be mad as hell about that.

We are talking about the future of our entire Human Race here. Politics should not enter the equation, as we can see, if we have but eyes to do so. If you care about your future family, who gets to live in this severe and worsening problem, do something NOW! It’s already upon us, the Judgment. And if you do nothing, or vote Republican by rote, as it’s your worldview, or your upbringing, your culture, consider that you voted for the Death of the Entire Human Race. I can hardly believe that I needed to write this before we have been snuffed out.

For the record, I live in a coastal city too: New York City. Even though the water of the Atlantic Ocean isn’t at my doorstep, it also isn’t too far away. When the tsunami of water comes, it’ll swallow me up too. But I have lived my life already, and I grieve the young, because I was one who did care about the future, even though I did not bear children myself. I have a piece of paper in my desk drawer that reads thus:

“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. For the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!'”- Luke 23: 28-29. Said by Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke. This quote is being made true by our times right now, as we approach further into the Hourglass of Running Sand, whose time is running out. And it’s counter-intuitive to say so, as humans have always revered mothers, and mocked the barren and childless. But it’s comforting to me, to know that I have been mocked thus. But I grieve, as a would be mother, if that had been my life fate. I care about our world and the people in it.

When will we wake up? From this nightmare scenario? Connect the dots, people, and consider my words. We have to examine what the greater good or the lesser evil is, before the future adults curse us in our graves, for not acting, when there was still time.