Anthony Rapp’s Without You Memoir/Show

I feel compelled to write today because I saw this extraordinarily moving show performed live by Anthony Rapp off Broadway at the New World Stages Theater, just on 50th St, which is really smack dab in the theater district, although situated between 8th and 9th Avenues. And the Stage Door is a block away too, which was convenient 4 me and another fan, Kevin, today, from Rapp’s hometown of Joliet, IL, also a RENT-head. That’s what we call these fanatical lovers of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony winning musical RENT, which premiered on Broadway in early 1996, and opened that April. I was one of the 1st members of that audience, back in April 1996, w a $36 orchestra seat, along w my dear mama, and 2 high school buddies, Maria Lyrist & John Lynch, also w us, to see that spectacular show. I even have the original stubs to prove my price, seat, and who went, as I have been scrapbooking my entire life since age 11, but we r sticking w this RENT theme here, because again I was blown away today! I shook, sang silently, as I am tone deaf, and don’t inflict my voice on the listening audience…as Anthony deftly told and sang a tale of his life, to date, since arriving in NY, and getting cast as Mark Cohen in RENT, when it was at the Public Theater, & NY Theater Workshop preceding the Broadway run. He was only 22 yrs old then, fresh faced, singing his lungs out w gusto and verve. And he had the opportunity to get the part via impressing the playwright composer Jonathan Larson who became his friend, after some performing on the stage.

Without You is a deeply personal trek of the man Anthony Rapp became with his family of origin, including an encouraging, beloved single mother, mostly, as the parents had divorced…and the life she led in Joliet IL, w Anthony pursuing his musical career in NY, and getting some breaks, particularly RENT, which turned out to be life changing for Rapp. Rapp’s mother battled cancer over some number of years, and eventually succumbed to it, but not before seeing him on stage in NY singing the Mark character in RENT, which had to be so fulfilling for Anthony. To see your child perform to standing ovations on Broadway has to be some major prideful maternal moment. And the original cast was in fact all brilliant as well, many going on to successful careers in theater and movies, TV. I was there then, and even today, my tears were summoned forth in that theater, yet again, happy tears to see my idol Anthony Rapp, still belting his voice and his emotions out to the audience, and we clapped and we sang (albeit me singing silently, mouthing it), and still we were given a piece of a consequential person’s life…on stage, in a limited engagement, it runs only until late April 2023.

Anthony works on a show I watch also: Star Trek Discovery, which streams either 10 or 13 episodes per season on Paramount Plus network. He is fantastic in his role as the Chief Engineer Lt. Paul Stamets, who has a good brain and even better ethics to lead the Discovery ship in the 32nd Century that they now inhabit on that series. But he moves me then and now, always, as he has hit a nerve w me, w his lyrical expressions of emotions…and his sheer talent. He is presently 51 yrs old, has a son, and is engaged to a man, and he talks about his homosexuality w frankness in the show as well, including his mother’s stance on it, and how she accepted it. Anthony wrote his memoir first, and was published in 2006, and the show has been received to mixed reviews in a bunch of international and domestic locations before it came here to NYC. But his talent is undeniable, and we r the richer for having been on this Earth w a talent such as his is, simultaneously sharing time and space together.

I got to chat w him a few times too, including today, because I went outside to stand by the Stage Door, just me and another single fan, Kevin, who had gone to the performance too. And we got some candid shots w Anthony. I had seen him sing last year aboard the Star Trek Cruise V, and got his pic and autograph then too, on that cruise, late February 2022. U guys know fan comes from fanatic, right? But I am just extolling his praises, as I admire these actors and singers. I am not a fanatic, just a fan. I recommend u catch Without You, even if it is heavy subject matter, to look at a life, and then to lose it, of someone dear. But we achieve immortality through our work, as Jonathan Larson did, even tho he died at 10 days short of age 36, from a burst aortic aneurysm. He had fulfilled his time on Earth, and it was time to go, tho to the detriment of so many who wish he had lived as long as Stephen Sondheim did. But we have not it within ourselves to deign to dictate to the Creator how long we should live, as we r His creatures, not our own.

But this was a fine day in my life, today, and I am radiating happiness for having witnessed this show! 525,600 minutes, how do u measure a life? Measure it in love, not minutes… Yup, always a RENT-head, me.

The Fish Bowl of Royal Life

With the advent of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022, the world has been mourning collectively, as the Sovereign gave herself willingly in service, from a young age, sitting on the Throne of the United Kingdom for the longest time in history: some 70 years, from 1952-2022. As I, an American onlooker, but also of English ancestry, knowing exactly from whence came my maternal great grandmother Fannie Krieger Bergner was raised: in Piccadilly, London. I have even had a vision of this great grandmum while visiting the area! But I am prone to such after life spiritual, but pleasant visitations of my ancestors. I regard the visions as a gift therefore.

But there is an aspect of British Royal life that Americans r not privy to knowing: that u don’t have the freedoms of being an ordinary person, as in u cannot go to stores by yourself, and buy whatever it is u want. Or visit your former friends anymore, and u cannot bring them to the Royal residences, unless it is an official function, and then u wouldn’t be invited to, either. So for example, if u r Princess of Wales Catherine, who suffers from extended morning sickness, aka hyperemesis gravidarum, which occurred on all 3 of her prior pregnancies, and u felt like this is enough already! Three heirs to the throne is more than enough…so then u declare to your husband, now the New Prince of Wales, William, that u aren’t bearing any more children, and it is then unseemly to ask someone in the Royal houses that they inhabit, to go get some birth control options…because u cannot go out and get such things yourself…then the only option is to become celibate thereafter, depriving the Prince of his right to sex. And again, it is due to the Fish Bowl life u call home, and its many privations, and denials of freedom.

Over time, as u see in official functions outside Palace walls, u will see a distance between spouses who no longer cohabit happily. And u r enforced into that impenetrable silence that Royal life exacts upon u, and all your children born into that life. No wonder Prince Harry & Meghan Markle left it! They were even unable to get Meghan much needed psychological help/support, counseling, as she drifted down the Rabbit Hole of depression, anxiety, lack of freedom, and knowing that u r merely a vessel to bear children to one of the closer Heirs to the Throne. Because the Royal House must go on, therefore u need a proper marriage and then submit to bearing those children. It is expected of u.

No, Meghan did not know in full what was expected of her. If she did, she would not have married Prince Harry. Who would knowingly give up their freedom and personhood, just to be a baby machine?? And only serve the worthy charitable causes of the Royal Family? OK, that’s probably fine, but the things u give up r way too much…especially for an American woman. No American woman would bear it over her lifetime, being in such circumstances, cut off from emotional sustenance.

Would u willingly give up sex 4 your entire life, after the children r born? And what would that do to your marriage also? Can it survive? Remember, usually the Crown does not grant divorces either, and frowns on them. But in fact 3 of the 4 children of Queen Elizabeth II in fact divorced, and it is no wonder, due to the very shallow Fish Bowl they live in, w the water draining out like life blood…

I wish the Royal Family well, going forward, in the wake of their immense loss. God Save the Queen, and she was worthy of that. I even have a gorgeous emerald ring that I named Queen Elizabeth, because it was lovely, beautiful, and also regal looking. I will have it named thus, even after the Queen has died. May she forever RIP w the Angels, and be at rest w her beloved Prince Phillip.

Not all that glitters is gold, or worth the price Royal life exacts on its inhabitants. Ask Meghan and Harry.

Meeting Rock Stars!

Marsha w The Scorpions, live in Atlantic City, NJ #ScorpionsVIP

So I decided to do a VIP package, as I was going to be in Atlantic City anyway, from 9/1-9/6/2022, and The Scorpions r a heavy metal (mostly) band, while I was on site. And they do rock! Rock Me Like a Hurricane, in fact! Great song that, plus some others too…I studied their catalogue before the show, and found some stuff to like, besides that song. They r from Germany, and others in the VIP Lounge were die hard fans, not like me, a casual onlooker, really, trying them on for size…And we got 2 pictures w the group too, as part of the VIP experience. And hors d’oeuvres, 2 drinks included, plus some VIP swag, not much, but something. And being in the 1st row center was pretty neat too, close up w them, seeing them right in front of your face, albeit in front of an amplifier also, and they r plenty loud! I knew I needed ear plugs, but found no drug stores on my route between Tropicana Hotel and the Borgata that day. A kind security guard gave me a pair of foam plugs, but too late in the concert to make much difference…I did have tinnitus after the show, although only temporary.

The Scorpions have some lovely ballads too, and other rock songs that I had known previously…and I took 3 videos of the show on my new cell phone. Gotta get my copy of their set list also, for my scrapbook. I record all shows, concerts, trips, significant life events all, since my own age 12! I have been scrapbooking since then, maybe actually age 11 when it began. So being 58 now, I have a lot of scrapbooks! In general, I look at my home, and recognize that I own a lot of stuff, over the years…and am fortunate to not have to share space w anyone, as it is a lot! I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium apartment in New York City, in a nice residential area of this city. Quiet it is, usually. I can sleep like a baby here, and usually do, much unlike my former existence in the Bronx.

Tho it isn’t as I get very worked up at seeing The Boss, or even wonderful Billy Joel, the Scorpions were a good experience overall 4 me, and tho I won’t go again, I am glad I did it this one time. Rock on, my peeps! It was a great day also for Atlantic City as well! I had hit a big jackpot in the casino, and decided not to play anymore, deciding to take the money and run home w it, the next day. Smart move, as it is isn’t worth giving back such a win as that, just to maintain the Gold status on the MGM Rewards card. The Rewards r good tho: I got a Fiore suite for 5 nights at the hotel, plus some fancy eats all comped, AND also a 100 minute Signature massage too, and free access to both indoor and outdoor pools, both used…and my hotel bill is only $30 for that 6 day trip, plus tolls, and gasoline. Not bad for what I got, the 2nd time this year. I went in early May also. And the casinos also gifted me beaucoup slot dollars, freeplay, repeatedly…at Borg and also at Tropicana Hotels. It feels good to be living this life. See me happy?

Marsha w The Scorpions, on 9/5/2022, in A.C.

Pent Up Yearning?

Have u ever seen someone so deprived of something that they very tangibly need? Imagine someone w a plastic bag being held over their heads, starving for oxygen, as the killer tightens the bag around your throat?! Well, very visceral image, that…but not that. Instead, they love someone so desperately, a rock star, not seen in person for over 25 years, whom u revere, who is now getting somewhat older, as u are…and u know that life is finite, and u NEED to see them, up close, singing your favorite hits, but it’s impossible, as your real life doesn’t permit u the freedom of going out to see this rock star, and the kids will be jealous, and lonely in your absence…and u have constraints on that which u may spend $, for necessities, not so much luxury items like platinum seats at a rock concert…very close to the stage, but elevated, so u have an unobstructed view.

Even I who go see Billy Joel at least once annually, sometimes twice, depending on my mood, do not spring for such seats, not usually, as I take people w me, and multiple seats cost substantial dollars, especially these days of on demand pricing, which means the ticket price varies every second, according to fan demand. Recently, I was on the Ticketmaster web site, on a cruise ship in Norway no less, w iffy wifi to see Bruce Springsteen w the E Street Band, next April 2023…and the prices were all over the place, w fees, just 1 ticket mind u, running to $2300…but it was snatched away, and I was successful, at a hard price of $1206 w all fees, in Brooklyn…but I am a die hard fan, and have spent more than this, before, w his run on Broadway, Springsteen on Broadway, in 2017, sitting w celebrities all around us, just before Christmas that year, 2nd row, on the aisle, and he looked at me, repeatedly!!! Priceless. And I got pictures of my meeting him, talking w him, even a chaste cheek kiss, holding hands…all captured! And enlarged in pictures around my lair, my realm of Bruce, my shrine.

But that’s not to say that I don’t also love Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross, oodles of performers over the years…who move me, inordinately. So I digress. When u need something really badly, and u get it, it is a sight to behold! The joy is tangible, and communicated effortlessly…u see it in their eyes, and their dancing, their gesticulations! The expressions of rapt joy, of giving something which is really unable to be had, but in one moment, is given, freely! Ahhhh! So this is what love is: to revel in the joy u give 2 another person, who can scarcely believe this has transpired. But it’s only a damned rock concert, ok?!

U thought I meant something else which cannot be had in this life, huh? Oh well. There is an Aerosmith song too: Dream On. Dreams r free after all, and take what u can get. Billy WAS fantastic at MSG on September 24, 2022, and we waited from May 2, 2020 to see him live at this concert, so it was in fact quite pent up. I have been friends w this particular rapt fan, since I was 9 years old! And I am 58 yrs old now. So it’s a lifetime of memories together, although also apart, as we went our separate life ways also. We will always be friends however. And that is sweet also.

Wish List for my 58th Birthday

Desirables on as of 4/9/2022

Actor/Personality/Celebrity/Musician. Price for the Cameo Message

Brent Spiner $299+ (Plus is for other services)

Jeri Ryan 345

Terry O’Quinn 200

Wayne Knight 330 (Newman on Seinfeld!)

Robert Picardo 150

Nana Visitor 100

John deLancie 150

Tim Russ 100

Doug Jones 60

Richard Schiff 249

Jonathan Frakes 300

Hisham Tawfiq 150

Michelle Hurd 50

James Pickens Jr. 300

Gates McFadden 180

Garrett Wang 100

Brad Garrett 450

Kevin McKidd 300

Robert Duncan McNeill 125

Nicole DeBoer 59

Marina Sirtis 150

Emilie deRavin 125

Lee Majors 349

Denise Crosby 100

Anne Wersching 60

Chris Noth 600

Anthony Rapp 75

Ice T 450

Tracie Thoms 50

Evan Evagora 75

Saul Rubinek 175

Connor Trinneer 100

Wilson Cruz 99

Drea deMatteo 350

Anthony Montgomery 99

David Ajala 50

Richard Dreyfuss 699

And last but not least, one of my all time faves in singing:

Dionne Warwick 350

This list is heavy on various Star Trek actors, in several series, but it also contains a smattering of Seinfeld, Lost, The Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy, The 6 Million Dollar Man, Sex & The City, RENT on Broadway actors/singers, The Sopranos, Jaws, Everybody Loves Raymond…Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Good Doctor.

John Billingsley & Connor Trinneer on stage.
Nana Visitor, in my only to date experience w

I am told I am hard to buy for, and I suppose this is true. So here u go, a head start, w a month to go before my birthday…even tho I know it’s yes, presumptuous to do this. Forgive me.

Post Vacation Euphoria!

I am still reeling from my experience aboard the latest Star Trek the Cruise V! So in contrast to my normal day to day life it was! I fled my isolation, hibernation, winter cold and wet NYC, where driving is at best a white knuckled adventure of potholes, ice, snow, and when u have a mobility disability, it’s like u need to stay in, a lot. And get delivery. Also, when COVID is raging outside, and u r high risk, u r further encouraged to get triple vaxxed, and also avoid people in close proximity at least. So it’s a lonely time to go forward from Christmas 4 me in NY, after which meeting people who matter is just put off, for several months actually….I only see my doormen on staff, the super, once in a while, my primary care physician, my cleaning lady once a month…and it keeps up, too long…like a glacial pace of watching the calendar move, day by day, until such time as warmth arrives…and as NYC is really too far north in this country, winter can run even from October, in the thirties Fahrenheit, to even as long as early April, when we have even seen snow, from time to time! But u get some days of warmth also, here and there, and a light jacket is all that is needed. I find comfort in beaches and sunshine, especially under this long hibernation, as a human, not a bear. So Star Trek the Cruise is an annual ritual of escape and joy, not only because of warmth, but also the really thriving community of people who share a love of Trek and its values, of inclusion, tolerance, charity encouraged, against bullying, laughter, comradeship, oodles of celebrities, whom u idolize, and u get to see friends from across the country, who gather 4 this fest, all of us afloat together! This year, it ran from Feb. 26 to March 5, 2022, leaving from a new point, Port Canaveral, FL.

Next year, it will be in a new place yet again, from Los Angeles, CA. So I will be the cross country traveler then, but it’s also good, in that I will use the jet lag to get out there faster, get accustomed to Pacific time, and also extend my vacation thereby. So the vacation will run likely two weeks then, in order to feel less physical stress, and more warmth. I am accumulating free miles on my American Airlines account, so I can cash in my miles for that 1st class ticket too. And we will be going to a new set of places too, in ports along the Mexican Riviera: Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. All new to me. But it’s not even the destinations that r the draw really: it’s my fellow cruisers, and the celebs, and the nice staff on board the ship, all exemplary! They do what we call cosplay, which is remarkable costuming from many Trek series, and have a judging contest each year, and some folks do get also prosthetic makeup put on, on the cruise, to make them professionally made up aliens. People also do other things, like chimpanzee astronauts, dinosaur suits, really the gamut of sci fi loves….even Spiderman! I like to see the cosplay, and perch myself in a chair w camera in hand. This year, one of my friends won the contest even! Q’s Costume Party is voted on by the crowd, w loudness of cheers.

And the dining! Wow, such good stuff also. Even tho it’s not exactly healthy, as u feel the salt content building up in your lower legs w stiffness, as the cruise goes on…and u feel unmoored post cruise, w sea legs, used to walking differently on board a ship, so that land feels peculiar afterwards. It takes a few days to reaccustom to land. And your skin returns to normal too, as the salt flushes out of your body. I am back to my normal functioning now, a week later after my arrival home, on 3/5. I got sick temporarily post cruise too, w a wicked sore throat, and extending to my right ear, some pain…but it was gone quickly too. Only sick from Sunday to Wed. There was no need for further care, and my self care regimen was miraculously brief. And why not? I am still glowingly happy! Special thx to my CA friends Pauline & Daniel, who went w me to dinner out at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant on board….and then subsequently sent me a 1st time in life gift: a cameo video personalized 4 me, by celeb Nana Visitor, who was also on the cruise! What a gift that was, to have Nana thank me on their behalf for that dinner, in an emailed video message running 52 seconds! I am still flabbergasted by it actually. And I have a pathetic wish to have some friends do this 4 me again even, it was so thrilling! has hundreds of celebrities on their site, for hire, to do any message u might want, at varying rates of pay, depending on how famous the celebrity is. I am looking into doing this for some of my friends also, in case it might be helpful to them, and as thrilling as my 1st one was, to me! But it can be quite expensive, as the cameo message can run as high as $1000, depending on who u hire. My idols include Star Trek celebrities, of course, but also Dionne Warwick is available on the site too….I Say a Little Prayer….a song w special life significance to me. But God bless all my friends, whether or not I get more cameos. I love them all! They make life worth living in fact. Even in lonely winter in NY.

Happiness can also be a warm puppy, which 2 close friends went and got picked up from a breeder, on March 5, 2022. His name is Milo, and he’s truly adorable, if a little bitty breed, a silky haired terrier. I hope to meet him in person soon, along w my friends, as warmth is arriving slowly to NY. Soon, the furs will go back into storage, 4 refurbishment, and it will be soon to get together again, w the locals. All I have to do is write it out, and watch the calendar move to Daylight Savings Time.

And yes, even took out that black and silver sequin dress for this cruise too! I felt exuberant in celebration!

The Lady Diana Spencer (A/k/a Princess Diana)

I have just finished watching a brilliant film called “Spencer” and it has prompted me to write about this much loved “People’s Princess.” No wonder the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has chosen Ms Kristen Stewart as a nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Bravo! We who r American used to adore the Princess and liken it to a fairy tale life, to be swept up into the arms of the man who would be King someday, Prince Charles. And she had it all, we imagined: the breeding, the exceptional beauty, excellent figure, to have captured the Prince’s fancy! Ahhh, but all that glitters is not gold, as we have observed. We have familiarized ourselves w the damned tabloids, and the paparazzi, even unto death, death in a limousine, by a drunken chauffeur, chased even then in Paris, to her death at a tender age of 36 years…

But Spencer does not deal w the later years. It is a study of a short period when William was about 12 years old as the elder son. And Harry is there too, 2 years younger, and Diana is unraveling in front of the royal family, and the servants r spreading how the Princess is going insane, w self-abuse, including self-cutting, the bulimia, the moods, even looking at horrible dreams, of the past, of Anne Boleyn, contemplating suicide, hatred of the wretchedness of being unwanted, and knowing her husband is getting away w the affair of his heart, while still married to her. It is a veritable destruction of the self, as barbed wires get cut, in a kind of escape to a home she used to have…now boarded up, uninhabited, w a rat the only live thing within. Comparing oneself to a pheasant, so pretty w its feathers, about to be served up as dinner! This is the Diana we see in the film, and it is stark, and melancholy. We can imagine being in a gilded cage, waiting to be guillotined by the rules, the schedules, the unholy monotony of it all, and never an escape!

I think that this performance is worthy of the Oscar, but I have yet to see Penelope Cruz in “Parallel Mothers.” I am reminded of this lousy trait we tend to have, and dislike in ourselves for having it: schadenfreude, which is a joy we get in seeing other people suffer some fate that we begrudge them. As if we r all envious of he who gets things that we cannot. So we want to see them suffer in their situation. No one is entitled to everything after all! And the royal life is wholly apart from any life we live, that is certain. All that art, crowns, servants, Rolls Royces, wheel on the right, fabulous couture, even gigantic pearls upon that dainty neck, so beautiful, rare and yet despised all the same, because Charles gave it to Camilla as well as Diana. At the same time! As if mocking her.

Royal watchers: be sure to eat up this film, as it’s a gobsmacked dessert of rarest fillings and fluff. And u may have a side of schadenfreude w it too, one lump or two. I miss her too, the real Princess. Signed her book placed in Harrod’s at some point after she died, w my condolences to the Royals for their loss. There is a lovely garden in her memory in Hyde Park, London. We visited that too, me and 2 friends, all Americans visiting London, a favorite city. I found myself thinking of Prince Harry, w Meghan his American wife, living in the USA now, w their 2 children, and imagining it is very hard to be Prince Harry, looking at this film, which tho fictional, uses elements from Diana’s life as it actually was, and finding it painful to dissect the trap Diana found herself in, to be tied to basically no one except her sons, and a fired but rehired servant, and they all clamp down on her, like a rat in a trap actually, dour faces w disapproval coming in waves of torment…I feel for Harry. He lives in this country now, and it does differ greatly from the life he had before. And he must find a way to reconcile the history w the truth.

He will not let Meghan suffer the fate that almost befell Diana, from which there was no real escape at one point, but perhaps suicide. May the Princess rest in peace and her descendants find a way to exist within the confines of that gilded cage. And the song by the Boomtown Rats is playing in the background, very apt for this movie, tho not in it: “I Don’t Like Mondays.”

Time Ages Me

I find myself very contemplative, writing out my life in essays, month by month, over the years of this blog. Trying to find new corners of reminiscence, and wisdom of age, to help my fellow man, and make sense of my small existence on this rock called Earth. I am convinced that it is inherently a failure of our species to advance enough in this timeline to see the existence of even microbial life elsewhere in this galaxy, even tho its existence seems to be closer to being proven daily, w the Mars Rover picking up samples of the surface of Mars, for transport back to Earth, in some manner, some day, to be examined by our scientists at NASA. One day they will find proof of life elsewhere but this 3rd Rock from the Sun, in the Milky Way Galaxy. The only question is will I be alive to see it on the news?

I am convinced further that intelligent life exists in the Universe, and we r but one planet w decidedly higher opinions of itself, in the cosmos, compared w the other intelligent and undoubtedly more advanced life on other planets, but not proven yet, because we aren’t advanced enough yet. Far from it. We r infants in the advancement game, actually, and we find it very threatening at this point, to contemplate more advanced life, except in our science fiction, on TV and in the movies, online, etc. When we make such stories up, we always emerge victorious as a species because we need to see ourselves as superior in some elemental way, to reduce our own anxiety about the truth of our lacking cohesion as a species.

We just LOVE Star Trek and its many incarnations because it creates a world where we have advanced as a species to have a common interest in further knowledge and exploration, and doing good for others, generally. Being benevolent w those who r less fortunate than we r. In the real world, we rip each other to pieces, distrust, hatred and maiming, killing each other, atrocities, creating killer pathogens, to murder our enemies…u get it. We all live here and know how fucked up our world is (forgive the expletive, but I am disgusted. It seemed appropriate to use in this context.) We r far from eliminating all hunger, disease, weather calamities, natural destruction, like tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, monsoons, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, pick your poison. We r not masters of our fates, far from it, as the pandemic has taught us. But yet, we create happy moons of movies, to watch, and delude ourselves that the calamities will pass us all by. Mankind emerges victorious in Hollywood, because we control that narrative, not the real life.

But back to how time ages me. Duh! Time ages all of us, day by day! Even if we r forced to go to plastic surgeons, hairdressers, makeup artists, dietitians, medical doctors, physical trainers, all manners of employers whose job it is to make us look younger and prettier, even as we age. Even that aged group known as the Baby Boomers, of which I am a part, now being aged 58-76 years old, in this year 2022, they were born from 1946-1964. My 58th birthday is coming in 3 months. I have a blog entry I keep adding to, of the Meaningful Ancient Giants Among Us, of actors and activists, people of note and expertise, that I admire, all of whom r aged 83 and up, as of the calendar date of October 4th, 2021. Because to be 83 is to be ancient to me, who is now only 57…and some of these giants will be on a cruise I am boarding, this month, to celebrate Star Trek yet again! We r gone to the Caribbean for a week’s worth of parties and fun, a charter ship, w many celebrities on board too, and special charity events to go to, if u r lucky to snag a ticket. I did!

I am glad overall, to be this age. I am still enjoying things, and am able to, and am retired, comfortably. It could certainly be worse than it is. I also relish my freedom, and sometimes find myself bemused that being single, I don’t have to listen to concerns about how a flight coming in at midnight, or later, and we need to drive an hour or an hour and a half to get home, on icy roads, while physically exhausted, is the way to go, because we won’t spend for a hotel room, to sleep it off, until it’s safe the next day. I would never stand 4 it, but when u r a wife, u r supposed to be subservient, and obedient, to your husband’s will, even if he’s dead wrong! Nope, glad I am not a wife! In this case. No one’s life is worth the risk of the accident that could easily happen under such driving conditions. Driving sleepy = driving drunk. Even tho the law will not arrest u for doing the wrong thing, u did place 2 lives in jeopardy, when u decided to do this. I can also recall 2 parents who drove from Queens to Atlantic City, w their infant daughter in the back seat, during a blizzard, without consulting either me or the weather forecast. They were caught overnight in the car, in a snow drift, unable to move, in the freezing cold! The motor stalled. Not even a blanket in the trunk! I yelled them to death upon their return home, as they not only endangered their own lives, but also their infant daughter, at the time. I thank God they got help from AAA, eventually, but they froze in that tiny car too, overnight! This is what u get by aging: wisdom, good common sense, experience, knowledge, maybe more, maybe less, but it’s well worth the journey, whether in the Milky Way, or the Caribbean Sea. And while u r at it, play a nice ditty by Stevie Nicks, like The Landslide, or Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac. It’ll put u in a better mood than this world leaves u in.

Or something rocker like, like Badlands by Bruce Springsteen. I can take it all, because the music has played all thru my life, and it makes this Rock somewhat more bearable, yup. Dancing thru life, w a tune in my head, swirling a dress, drinking a Sex on the Beach, or an Amaretto Sour…and feeling downright groovy. Watch me, kids, I’m gonna party online, and talk up to the stars, and w them too, soon…so I’m happy doing the countdown to Port Canaveral, Florida. And aging ain’t so bad when u have this taste of Paradise in your wine glass.

Meaningful Ancient Giants Among Us

These people r all aged 83 and up, as of today, 10/4/2021. I had one name on my own list that has died, and I did not know. That was Neil Simon, at age 91, 7/4/1927-8/26/2018. The rest of this list is still living.

Celebrities Date of Birth Current Age

  1. William Shatner 3/22/1931 90
  2. George Takei 4/20/1937 84
  3. Nichelle Nichols 12/28/1932 88 (Died on 7/30/2022)
  4. Walter Koenig 9/14/1936 85
  5. Jane Goodall 4/3/1934 87
  6. Sir David Attenborough 5/8/1926 95
  7. Mel Brooks 6/28/1926 95
  8. Bob Newhart 9/5/1929 92
  9. Jimmy Carter 10/1/1924 97
  10. Tony Bennett 8/3/1926 95
  11. Dick Van Dyke 12/13/1925 95
  12. Dame Julie Andrews 10/1/1935 86
  13. Clint Eastwood 5/31/1930 91
  14. Jack Nicholson 4/22/1937 84
  15. Sir Anthony Hopkins 12/31/1937 83
  16. Dame Angela Lansbury 10/16/1925 95 (died on 10/11/2022)
  17. Queen Elizabeth II 4/21/1926 95 (Died on 9/8/2022)
  18. Giant Sequoia Trees ! 1000’s of Years Old
  19. Burt Bacharach 5/12/1928 93
  20. Estelle Harris 4/4/1928 93 (died on 4/2/2022)
  21. Harry Belafonte 5/1/1927 94
  22. Sir Sidney Poitier 2/20/1927 94 (reported dead on 1/7/2022)
  23. Eva Marie Saint 7/4/1924 97
  24. Bob Barker 12/12/1923 97
  25. Norman Lear 7/27/1922 99
  26. Betty White 1/17/1922 99 (died on 12/31/2021)
  27. Marsha Hunt 10/17/1917 103 (died on 9/7/2022)
  28. Stephen Sondheim 3/22/1930 91 (died on 11/26/2021)
  29. Carol Burnett 4/26/1933 88
  30. Woody Allen 12/1/1935 85
  31. Louise Fletcher 7/22/1934 87 (died on 9/23/2022)
  32. Ellen Burstyn 12/7/1932 88
  33. Dame Joan Collins 5/23/1933 88
  34. Diana Muldaur 8/19/1938 83
  35. Edward O. Wilson 6/10/1929 92 (died on 12/26/2021)
  36. James Lovelock 7/26/1919 102 (died on 7/26/2022)
  37. Rita Moreno 12/11/1931 89
  38. Hector Elizondo 12/22/1936 84
  39. David McCallum 9/19/1933 88
  40. Dame Judi(th) O. Dench 12/9/1934 86
  41. Donald Sutherland 7/17/1935 86
  42. Alan Alda 1/28/1936 85
  43. James Darren 6/8/1936 85
  44. Jerry Hardin 11/20/1929 91
  45. Morgan Freeman 6/1/1937 84
  46. Robert Redford 8/18/1936 85
  47. Jane Fonda 12/21/1937 83
  48. Richard Beymer 2/20/1938 83
  49. Warren Beatty 3/30/1937 84
  50. Shirley MacLaine 4/24/1934 87
  51. Joel Gray 4/11/1932 89
  52. Nehemiah Persoff 8/2/1919 102 (died on 4/5/2022)
  53. James Earl Jones 1/17/1931 90
  54. Marion Ross 10/25/1928 92
  55. Barbara Eden 8/23/1931 90
  56. Sir Michael Caine 3/14/1933 88

And that’s an American slanted list, if there ever was one. But I write what I know, and this is my own list of who’s significant to me, who has managed to withstand the COVID Plague, and keep on trucking…I deliberately left out worthy contenders for the list, because they r not yet aged 83 or up. I have many such names to add in the years to come, but this is just a snapshot of a day in time, linear.