I am just tired of putting the same old story year after tired year! Am utterly sick of waiting for a day that never comes! I resolve to find another goal, and accept my fate, for I am God’s creature, and am here to do His will. I will bring happiness to others, and serve my fellow man, and be glad for what I have. The need for romantic love is going to go on the back burner, as the men who I need don’t see how to turn the key in the lock. I am so much more than this imperfect body, and why is it so impossible to see my worth from another viewpoint?? Happiness given is happiness received. Is it merely that a middle aged somewhat plus sized body is out of contention, just by being so? I am still pretty, smart, independent, successful, good hearted, generous, active to the extent that I can be, and a solace to all who know me. Full of fun and life!! In short, a worthy woman.

And beyond your wildest dreams passionate too. Watch me scream in concert with Bruce Springsteen, among other famous rock stars, and you will see a lady who is quite beyond the pale with regard to passion! Or watch me dance, on a pole, in sexy garb…it’s more than you can imagine to experience. So my being celibate is truly a waste. Make it different! You will be rewarded handsomely. The teen vixen is still within me.

And there is more too, in the way of making life dreams come true, and doing good for others, by sharing the bounty. My friends call me the Fairy Godmother. Buy me T shirts of my favorite rock stars, video me, take pix of a wild woman…because I am exhibitionistic also. Love the attention, and the shock. If you want a good interesting life tale, hang with me, and gain my trust. You will hear more than you can even dream of, even out of the movies! Yup, some wild stories…But you have been warned ahead. Put on your heavy gear because it’s going to be a roller coaster ride!








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