The Fish Bowl of Royal Life

With the advent of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022, the world has been mourning collectively, as the Sovereign gave herself willingly in service, from a young age, sitting on the Throne of the United Kingdom for the longest time in history: some 70 years, from 1952-2022. As I, an American onlooker, but also of English ancestry, knowing exactly from whence came my maternal great grandmother Fannie Krieger Bergner was raised: in Piccadilly, London. I have even had a vision of this great grandmum while visiting the area! But I am prone to such after life spiritual, but pleasant visitations of my ancestors. I regard the visions as a gift therefore.

But there is an aspect of British Royal life that Americans r not privy to knowing: that u don’t have the freedoms of being an ordinary person, as in u cannot go to stores by yourself, and buy whatever it is u want. Or visit your former friends anymore, and u cannot bring them to the Royal residences, unless it is an official function, and then u wouldn’t be invited to, either. So for example, if u r Princess of Wales Catherine, who suffers from extended morning sickness, aka hyperemesis gravidarum, which occurred on all 3 of her prior pregnancies, and u felt like this is enough already! Three heirs to the throne is more than enough…so then u declare to your husband, now the New Prince of Wales, William, that u aren’t bearing any more children, and it is then unseemly to ask someone in the Royal houses that they inhabit, to go get some birth control options…because u cannot go out and get such things yourself…then the only option is to become celibate thereafter, depriving the Prince of his right to sex. And again, it is due to the Fish Bowl life u call home, and its many privations, and denials of freedom.

Over time, as u see in official functions outside Palace walls, u will see a distance between spouses who no longer cohabit happily. And u r enforced into that impenetrable silence that Royal life exacts upon u, and all your children born into that life. No wonder Prince Harry & Meghan Markle left it! They were even unable to get Meghan much needed psychological help/support, counseling, as she drifted down the Rabbit Hole of depression, anxiety, lack of freedom, and knowing that u r merely a vessel to bear children to one of the closer Heirs to the Throne. Because the Royal House must go on, therefore u need a proper marriage and then submit to bearing those children. It is expected of u.

No, Meghan did not know in full what was expected of her. If she did, she would not have married Prince Harry. Who would knowingly give up their freedom and personhood, just to be a baby machine?? And only serve the worthy charitable causes of the Royal Family? OK, that’s probably fine, but the things u give up r way too much…especially for an American woman. No American woman would bear it over her lifetime, being in such circumstances, cut off from emotional sustenance.

Would u willingly give up sex 4 your entire life, after the children r born? And what would that do to your marriage also? Can it survive? Remember, usually the Crown does not grant divorces either, and frowns on them. But in fact 3 of the 4 children of Queen Elizabeth II in fact divorced, and it is no wonder, due to the very shallow Fish Bowl they live in, w the water draining out like life blood…

I wish the Royal Family well, going forward, in the wake of their immense loss. God Save the Queen, and she was worthy of that. I even have a gorgeous emerald ring that I named Queen Elizabeth, because it was lovely, beautiful, and also regal looking. I will have it named thus, even after the Queen has died. May she forever RIP w the Angels, and be at rest w her beloved Prince Phillip.

Not all that glitters is gold, or worth the price Royal life exacts on its inhabitants. Ask Meghan and Harry.


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