Meeting Rock Stars!

Marsha w The Scorpions, live in Atlantic City, NJ #ScorpionsVIP

So I decided to do a VIP package, as I was going to be in Atlantic City anyway, from 9/1-9/6/2022, and The Scorpions r a heavy metal (mostly) band, while I was on site. And they do rock! Rock Me Like a Hurricane, in fact! Great song that, plus some others too…I studied their catalogue before the show, and found some stuff to like, besides that song. They r from Germany, and others in the VIP Lounge were die hard fans, not like me, a casual onlooker, really, trying them on for size…And we got 2 pictures w the group too, as part of the VIP experience. And hors d’oeuvres, 2 drinks included, plus some VIP swag, not much, but something. And being in the 1st row center was pretty neat too, close up w them, seeing them right in front of your face, albeit in front of an amplifier also, and they r plenty loud! I knew I needed ear plugs, but found no drug stores on my route between Tropicana Hotel and the Borgata that day. A kind security guard gave me a pair of foam plugs, but too late in the concert to make much difference…I did have tinnitus after the show, although only temporary.

The Scorpions have some lovely ballads too, and other rock songs that I had known previously…and I took 3 videos of the show on my new cell phone. Gotta get my copy of their set list also, for my scrapbook. I record all shows, concerts, trips, significant life events all, since my own age 12! I have been scrapbooking since then, maybe actually age 11 when it began. So being 58 now, I have a lot of scrapbooks! In general, I look at my home, and recognize that I own a lot of stuff, over the years…and am fortunate to not have to share space w anyone, as it is a lot! I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium apartment in New York City, in a nice residential area of this city. Quiet it is, usually. I can sleep like a baby here, and usually do, much unlike my former existence in the Bronx.

Tho it isn’t as I get very worked up at seeing The Boss, or even wonderful Billy Joel, the Scorpions were a good experience overall 4 me, and tho I won’t go again, I am glad I did it this one time. Rock on, my peeps! It was a great day also for Atlantic City as well! I had hit a big jackpot in the casino, and decided not to play anymore, deciding to take the money and run home w it, the next day. Smart move, as it is isn’t worth giving back such a win as that, just to maintain the Gold status on the MGM Rewards card. The Rewards r good tho: I got a Fiore suite for 5 nights at the hotel, plus some fancy eats all comped, AND also a 100 minute Signature massage too, and free access to both indoor and outdoor pools, both used…and my hotel bill is only $30 for that 6 day trip, plus tolls, and gasoline. Not bad for what I got, the 2nd time this year. I went in early May also. And the casinos also gifted me beaucoup slot dollars, freeplay, repeatedly…at Borg and also at Tropicana Hotels. It feels good to be living this life. See me happy?

Marsha w The Scorpions, on 9/5/2022, in A.C.

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