Pent Up Yearning?

Have u ever seen someone so deprived of something that they very tangibly need? Imagine someone w a plastic bag being held over their heads, starving for oxygen, as the killer tightens the bag around your throat?! Well, very visceral image, that…but not that. Instead, they love someone so desperately, a rock star, not seen in person for over 25 years, whom u revere, who is now getting somewhat older, as u are…and u know that life is finite, and u NEED to see them, up close, singing your favorite hits, but it’s impossible, as your real life doesn’t permit u the freedom of going out to see this rock star, and the kids will be jealous, and lonely in your absence…and u have constraints on that which u may spend $, for necessities, not so much luxury items like platinum seats at a rock concert…very close to the stage, but elevated, so u have an unobstructed view.

Even I who go see Billy Joel at least once annually, sometimes twice, depending on my mood, do not spring for such seats, not usually, as I take people w me, and multiple seats cost substantial dollars, especially these days of on demand pricing, which means the ticket price varies every second, according to fan demand. Recently, I was on the Ticketmaster web site, on a cruise ship in Norway no less, w iffy wifi to see Bruce Springsteen w the E Street Band, next April 2023…and the prices were all over the place, w fees, just 1 ticket mind u, running to $2300…but it was snatched away, and I was successful, at a hard price of $1206 w all fees, in Brooklyn…but I am a die hard fan, and have spent more than this, before, w his run on Broadway, Springsteen on Broadway, in 2017, sitting w celebrities all around us, just before Christmas that year, 2nd row, on the aisle, and he looked at me, repeatedly!!! Priceless. And I got pictures of my meeting him, talking w him, even a chaste cheek kiss, holding hands…all captured! And enlarged in pictures around my lair, my realm of Bruce, my shrine.

But that’s not to say that I don’t also love Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross, oodles of performers over the years…who move me, inordinately. So I digress. When u need something really badly, and u get it, it is a sight to behold! The joy is tangible, and communicated effortlessly…u see it in their eyes, and their dancing, their gesticulations! The expressions of rapt joy, of giving something which is really unable to be had, but in one moment, is given, freely! Ahhhh! So this is what love is: to revel in the joy u give 2 another person, who can scarcely believe this has transpired. But it’s only a damned rock concert, ok?!

U thought I meant something else which cannot be had in this life, huh? Oh well. There is an Aerosmith song too: Dream On. Dreams r free after all, and take what u can get. Billy WAS fantastic at MSG on September 24, 2022, and we waited from May 2, 2020 to see him live at this concert, so it was in fact quite pent up. I have been friends w this particular rapt fan, since I was 9 years old! And I am 58 yrs old now. So it’s a lifetime of memories together, although also apart, as we went our separate life ways also. We will always be friends however. And that is sweet also.


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