The pandemic has infiltrated our dreams as well as our daily waking lives. When u r under an umbrella, all encompassing stressor, that may even destroy u, whether by death or permanent disability, i.e. “long COVID,” which has a constellation of symptoms…well, u can’t escape the fact that this existential threat has to be put into perspective, in some way, or else it’ll harm u in ways u can’t imagine. No one can be in a constant state of “fight or flight,” as in adrenal gland pumping out stress hormones like cortisol. U will go into massive inflammatory response internally, and that isn’t any good 4 u. U have to reach some internal accommodation w your stressors, also known as homeostasis. I do have a scientific background, as u can see, w this vocabulary and explanation. And that makes me proud of who I am, that my background is rich in language and culture, science, tech, volunteerism, skills like photography, writing, arts like cooking, so many things! But enough now about me. I am saying so just so u don’t look at me as a life failure, because the culture that I am part of ascribes enormous significance to your physical appearance. I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN MY BODY APPEARANCE!! And so r u, as well. And conversely, my profession is not the totality of who I am either. My tendrils of a beautiful tapestry weave into many lives, over the decades I am alive, and will even do so possibly post my live existence, because of this blog and other writings I have made. I reach into the future even. I hope my story will be helpful to others, via the eternal internet.

But back to dreams. Your subconscious mind tries to make sense of this change in life circumstances, in order to deal better w it. People have found escape in dreams, whether they be sexual, as in discharging anxiety thru physical orgasm, a preferred method of dealing w a lack of a real partner, or even in place of someone u r with in life, who isn’t cutting it 4 u exclusively, or the ordinary symbolic dreams w need for interpretation of how it all fits together. Many people have also suffered nightmares that intensify their anxiety even, re the pandemic, or other stressors. We r tired by now, well, good and tired, as we have entered the 2nd year of the Pandemic Blues. This means some r just flouting the CDC public guidelines, by burning masks, avoidance of usage, not socially distancing, screaming out on social media how it is all bunk…and no more compliance! And also r delaying and obfuscating the need to get the vaccine, w excuses, concerns, anecdotal reports of bad bad side effects post vaccine, worries of the long term safety of same….any excuse will do. Stay in, day in, day out, go out only for necessities, do not see anyone anymore, either as friends, or for business reasons, even maintenance deferred. No one is safe! I know of shut ins like this, here in NYC. They break my heart.

Will u be able to resume normal life even eventually when significant numbers of people refuse to get the available vaccines?? Will we ever achieve herd immunity when so many millions just REFUSE?? IT IS TRULY A DYSTOPIAN NIGHTMARE. Can u live in a society where the disease continues at a broad clip to consume lives, w many millions more who have brain fog, tiredness, nausea and vomiting, joint aches, movement troubles, a constellation of mental illness, dementia, stroke, heart disease, it goes on and on…blood clots. Pick your poison. Some proportion of those afflicted w long COVID will be unable to work again, ever, permanently disabled. And your insomnia will also ramp up, as u cannot relax anymore in your isolation, your veritable oblivion. How long can u sustain that?? Well, as 4 me, I urge literally EVERYONE to get their vaccine(s), when that is possible 4 them. Not only 4 u, but 4 your broader community. Your dreams and sleep depend on it too, to reduce your inner stress.

I urge sexual dreams to everyone, to release your pent up miseries. There’s really nothing so good as an orgasm, to make u want 2 live! And use your chocolate sparingly, w it, or in waking time. Get pleasure, while u can. Your very life may depend on it, especially now. When your husband dreams of sex, it isn’t his fault, even if he dreams of another person. We r complex beings w strong appetites after all, and u can’t hold him responsible 4 his subconscious desires. I personally do not believe that any man can be exclusively solo w his partner 4ever in this way; it’s contrary to nature. He will see others and want them; it’s just a fact. Be glad that he inhibits his desire, in deference 2 u, and your marriage. That has to be enough, ladies. They aren’t wired as we r, after all. The mere thought of sexuality w another person is just something u have 2 tolerate. Enjoy, my friends! And pleasant dreams.

I will close w another form of media mention, even tho I lack the copyright to said song: “Dreams” is a magnificent song by the group Fleetwood Mac, w Stevie Nicks singing lead on that one. Love it! And it went platinum again not long ago, because a guy on a skateboard was drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice straight from a 2 quart container, singing happily w this song in the background! And he made a fortune from that video too! Booya! That was also pleasurable to this hedonistic woman, who dreams lustily often. Such a waste to lose such a resource to the world, guys. Some folks can never get enough. Even in an arid desert of desire.

6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I don’t know who you are, BUT I JUST CONNECTED TO YOU ON A DEEPER LEVEL. This was very well written, entirely.
    And second last paragraph, THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. No one else seems to acknowledge this, thr fact that when a man stays loyal to a woman in action and even in dreams, imaginations (which seems impossible), HIS STAYING LOYAL IS ACTUALLY AGAINST HIS HUMAN NATURE. A woman may have loyalty in her nature, but no man does (sexual especially)
    Trying not to have sexual thoughts of other girls, and never letting any thoughts lead to actions – this has been a real struggle, a waR for me. And I’ve always felt guilty, like i shouldn’t even be fighting this war if I’m in love with someone..

    • Hey Abdul: First, thanks very much for writing these comments, and your compliments. I consider myself a student of human nature, and feel fortunate to have 1st hand knowledge w many people over the years. Our culture is very Judeo-Christian influenced, and I am certain that Muslim culture is also very narrow as to what is permissible, especially sexually. We see the separation of the sexes, the repression of women in Afghanistan, w the Taliban coming back into power, and what that means for women there. Also, up till recently, the prohibition on driving by Saudi women, and not being outside the house without a male relative. These r all a function of men feeling that they need utter control over the women in their lives and it goes back to sex. So the system is set up also to make men feel guilt re their inherent natures and they r subjugated as well, re even thoughts that are “impure.” My own advice will be to pray, and if necessary, do self pleasure activities, as a lesser “evil.” We r all only human.

      • Intriguing. I think I see how you’re trying to link the narrowness, the oppression of culture towards women to men needing utter control over the women in their life and the guilt of simple pleasure. I’m intrigued, truly. To be honest, the human nature, cultures around the world, the social meaning and impact of religion, these are all subjects I’m very attracted to. I would love to further discuss these things with you.

    • Well, thanks again, Abdul. While I do not mind conversing like this, on the blog post site, I am less likely to meet anyone in person to discuss the cultural differences. I have read 2 books by Khaled Hosseini, as to my comments on Afghan and Muslim culture: The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both incredibly eye opening books. I humbly thank u however 4 your discourse w me here. I am fortunate to be a woman of independence, and while that is sometimes burdensome, it is also very lovely, in ways unknown to the married folks. I am also a religious convert, at the age of 21 I did it, long ago.

      • I’ve read Khalid Hosseini, the kite runner especially is very close to my heart. It’s closer to afghani culture, than to our Pakistani culture however.
        I’d look forward to reading your blogs here, I find you intriguing. And do follow me, I plan to write about things in near future that would surely be of interest to you, and I’d love your insights on them.
        More power to you,
        Abdul. 🖤

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