Harry & Meghan; Inequality

In these United States of America, the only way we exist as a nation is by virtue of pursuing wealth by merit and hard work, not by virtue of inheritance! This is the fundamental difference between us and the United Kingdom, that unwillingness to support a monarchy that got to where it is by virtue of accident of birth. So when u r born to a system where your birth is heralded all over the world, and your name announced on world media, and your home is Buckingham Palace, or any of dozens of other mansions, around the UK, well, u live in a fish bowl then, an instant celebrity, w the tabloid media watching all along your growing up, and your space in line as to inheritance to The Throne, it is all delineated. And never, but never speak of the eventuality of death, of The Monarch. That’s verboten. God save The Queen! She has been the only Monarch alive in my many years of existence, and I date from the 1960’s, my own birth. She ascended The Throne at age 27, on June 2, 1953. She is now going on 95 years old, in April 2021. She is however much loved nowadays, and defended. And her husband, Prince Philip, is now 99 years old, still kicking too. And the Heir Apparent to The Throne is Prince Charles, now aged 72 years. The latest gossip is now nigh in America and the rest of the world too, re his 2nd son, Prince Harry, who married Meghan Markle, an American biracial former actress.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey, which aired on Sunday, 3/7/2021, on WCBS via Oprah’s production company, Harpo Productions. And full of revelations this interview was! We were collectively aghast! Worldwide even. What can we say about being driven to the point of suicide, because of isolation, and the neglect of mental health issues that were encroaching on the lifestyle of The Duchess of Sussex? Imagine being told u cannot see your friends, EVER, as u r too often outside, saturated news coverage, or that it isn’t done, to check into a hospital, or even get psychotherapy, or meds, or some freedom?! U literally give up everything: your keys, your ID, your possessions, your car, your passport….and when u give birth, your name isn’t on the birth certificate even, just your title! U have been stripped of your own personhood! Poor Meghan had not a clue what she was getting into, per the interview specifics. She just learned about Harry from him himself, not by outside sources.

And then other revelations too: like who asked such question about dealing with the baby’s skin color, should he be darker than his parents are?! Clearly enough now, the person who asked about that incendiary question was Prince Charles. It was later refuted that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were not the ones asking such a question, which indicates a latent racism as to skin color. Very bad position to take and ask that, as the UK is full of Black people, subjects, as is much of the Commonwealth of Nations, much of it in Africa. And the Commonwealth includes Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, India, and other countries of antiquity. All have English as an official language.

And in this country, the only one which instituted a Revolution, back in 1776, w the Declaration of Independence, where we fought and won, against King George III, which is made a buffoon in droll comedy in the hit show Hamilton…but that’s another entry 4 the blog, another day, that wonderful show. But the concept of American exceptionalism and wealth by merit is deep in our veins, and it depends on a lot: a well educated citizenry, which is now in question, by virtue of political shenanigans, and choices in votes, every 4 years at least, when we elect or re-elect our President, who may not have our best interests at heart. We r an extremely politically divided nation in this present day. I’d call it mutual hatred even, in some quarters. We spar and then we incite insurrection even! And social media intensifies the divide. We only exist on the concept that we can achieve wealth and success by virtue of study, hard work, getting a professional career, or at least by skilled work, like plumbing, car repair, etc. But the Americans have not seen that this compact is totally frayed now: as higher education is often unaffordable, or available by mortgaging your financial future, via hi interest debt, student loans, on sky high tuitions, costs of study, being a major league gamble, on future earnings, on a job u may not even secure. Job opportunities r scarce now, in the pandemic blues, and whatever jobs there r, they may be low paid, as capitalism rewards stockholders, not so much employees. So until u get yourself into a CEO position w your own business, and do very well in said business, u r going to be paid by either government, or an outside employer, whose goal it is to pay u the least they can, to retain u, but also in pursuit of that almighty profit. Even non-profit businesses only pay well at the very top of the chain, not the rank and file. And Americans r NOT profiting collectively, and it doesn’t matter to those employers: their message is u r EXPENDABLE! AS IN SNUFFED OUT, easily replaced, dead.

When u have a system of masses of disenfranchised peoples, all scrounging, suffering, in debt, under a pile of it, unable to climb out, broke, over-mortgaged, 20 year old cars, which break and u can’t afford hi priced auto mechanic repairs, or when household items break, like water pipes in Texas, in a recent incident of no hot water, no heat, and no electricity, no drinking water, no toilets! No backup system! Well, u see u r in a 3rd world country then! And it falls down like a house of cards, when the middle class is being winnowed out, by the inequality of the system. Add in the pandemic, unequally affecting populations of color, of disenfranchisement, winnowing out and killing such people, to paraphrase Charles Dickens: “…to decrease the surface population…” because u can’t be bothered w providing for those who r unfortunate, who don’t make $. So democracy fails then.

The Americans haven’t grasped this truism yet: that the collapse of the merit based system is the death of democracy. But it’s coming. U can read the tea leaves in the desperation of millions of disenfranchised souls. Unequal opportunity = unequal chances of wealth or even middle class status = fury! Read the history of societies of which the many exist on the edges, w poor health care, poor housing, poor food choices, bad air, bad water, environmental racism, racism all around, hatred, and u can see that the House of Cards is toppled. People will not withstand long an unequal system where your only choices r drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, killing, etc. Sound familiar, America?? Yeah, hang on the side of the cliff. Sooner or later, u fall off.

And the public education system is unequal too, tied to property values and taxes paid, so that a richer area has better schools, and the converse is true also. And scholarships r insufficient for the masses of people who want to go to college, which is by now out of reach of many. And financial aid is also insufficient, even in my day: the school figures an unrealistic budget, as to personal expenses, and your financial aid is pegged to that number. So if there isn’t extra at that point, well, u can’t go home then, because u can’t afford the air fare home. Or the massive phone bills, even w once weekly chats w your parents. The school budget falls far short. I even had to help friends who had not enough $ for food during my college days. Or laundry costs, or a movie that costs $2 to go. U graduate now frequently w $100K in debt! So how can u escape living in your parents’ house, like 4ever?! Many can’t. And many will never marry either, for failure to climb out of that debt, and establish independence. U extrapolate now, and many folks don’t even know what that word means, because the education system has failed them…and u can see that the system is teetering. Good luck, America: Donald Trump may yet tap into the fury out there, again. Or future insurrections, some to succeed. People do not recognize history either, in The rise of the Third Reich, except it’s here now.