The Crown (A Netflix Series)

I was very satisfied w the way this series has developed over its now 3 years of broadcast, and am anxious for the 4th season, which is quite the accomplishment 4 Netflix, to have a fan so rapt. I am however disappointed that 10 episodes constitute a season. I have further read that new seasons usually begin in November or December most years, and that there will be 5 in total…

As to acting, quite splendid, especially like how I pictured Queen Elizabeth II acts in real life: cold, imperious, stolid, dutiful, maintaining order above all else, dour, conflicted at times, because she does have some emotion, and grieves the necessity of making those close to her miserable, especially in matters of love. The Church of England is much like the Roman Catholic Church in its strictures, especially unmodern ones, like the need to maintain marriage at all costs, w only very few exceptions. “Turn a blind eye,” recently spoken by the Queen, in order to remain sane and happy, in marriage…

I recently imagined an intimate scene between Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, conceiving their later 2 sons, Andrew and Edward, w the Queen being so matter of fact about lovemaking: do it, get on w it, and while she lies unmoving, w a bored look on her face, thinking of how lovely England is in the springtime, the time of Elizabeth’s birth, which is April 21st. One imagines that sex is only a rare occurrence in Buckingham Palace, and then only for approved purposes, like conception, provision of bounty of heirs to the throne….even though it’s clear u only need two, in any case. I doubt they ever had sex again, after those two sons were born, in 1960 and one 1964. Dutiful Elizabeth might have borne the desire of the Prince, but it was clearly just a chore she needed to bear, which over time, the husband would clearly tire of. And his own cruelty w regard to his first borne son Charles would also point toward sexual non-fulfillment. U can go back in your own lives to remember those pathetic spinster public school teachers, who took particular delight in assigning miserably large parcels of homework, and who were cruel in classroom exchanges also, attempting youth public embarrassment. I remember.

Prince Philip had his own misery in being a son of privilege too, preceding marriage, in his youth. He dealt w it perhaps better than Charles did, however. He bit his lip, and carried on, calmly, like the modern sign reads: Keep Calm and Carry On….all over England. And you’d imagine him smoking cigars and drinking fine cognac or some other whiskey of choice, to drown his sorrows in other areas. He wasn’t given a choice as to what his fate was to be, just a behind the back of Her Majesty, forevermore, and a stud horse, for the purpose of those 4 children. That was mostly it. Eating and drinking thru life…it is impossible to stomach being 2nd, behind the Queen. No power, not enough influence even. It is like our modern day life of President Donald Trump and Melania, who is merely also a figurehead, a means to an end, beautiful yes, another womb to bear yet another heir, one of three women so used such. Now, just a pretty face behind him, seen and not heard, mostly. Her work is done, for the most part, except u need to be married, 4 the people to trust u, so he stays w her, for the political purpose only. He is also old now, and as such, he will be 74 this year, while she is just recently 50 yrs old.

But back to the House of Windsor and Mountbatten, at Buckingham. The series gives the hint of being unauthorized, as the Queen wants to keep silent and hidden, the skeletons in the closet, especially. The miseries of those around her, all of them, the parade of Prime Ministers, of 10 Downing St., her tortured relationships w Uncle Edward VIII, who was King for a mere 11 months in 1936, when he gave up the Throne, in order to marry his love of his life, one Wallis Simpson, who was at the time a divorced woman, and an American.  It was quite the scandal and he was banished to live the rest of his life in Paris, w Wallis. Or her scandalous rivalry w her own son who would be King one day, Charles…as she has to be dead for him to accede to the title of Sovereign. She is now 94 yrs old, still practicing her role. And of course mercurial sister Margaret, who wanted to be Queen, or at least be given some important role in the family, which she was mostly denied. And delays in matters of love, as to dates of marriage, or to grant such, due to political considerations, and the role of Head of the Church of England…conflicts. And of course cheating on both sides, Margaret and her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowden. What happiness? No wonder they smoke. Let’s be done w this life already!!

It’s like being trapped in a gilded cage, w duties, constant paparazzi trying to photograph u, being in any way not staid, boring. Imagine true love being thwarted, because u have to uphold a role as eventual King or Queen, and your model is Queen Elizabeth, now Sovereign since 1952, and it’s 2020 now…and be quiet, button your lips, accept your fate. NO HAPPINESS 4 U!! U R THE HEIR APPARENT TO THE THRONE…ACCEPT YOUR FATE! SHUT UP! STAY MARRIED NO MATTER WHAT…well, Charles and Diana did divorce…and eventually, tragedy struck, and would it have, had they stayed miserably together?? We will never know. In 1997, August 31st, in Paris, France, Princess Diana died tragically, at age 36, in a drunken car crash, by a chauffeur, being chased by the paparazzi. That’s coming up in season 4 of The Crown. I wept then, when it happened, England’s Rose she was, and a very great woman, who left her mark on her two beautiful but still young sons, William and Harry. Also 2 grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II.

Yup, I’ll be eating up The Crown, as an apt American of English ancestry. I know which great grandmother was actually born and raised in London, in a wealthy home. Her picture is here in my home, her and her husband Sam, married to the former Fannie Krieger, now married as Fannie Bergner…my maternal grandmother’s parents. She died in the year of my birth, Fannie, 1964, same year as Prince Edward, who is of course, my own age, as well, the youngest of Queen Elizabeth’s 4 children. I met up w her spirit in London even, and she was pleased one of her many great grandchildren had made it to her place of origin. And so it goes on and on…from 3 surviving daughters came 6 grandchildren, then 14 great grandchildren…and it balloons from there, even tho many of those great grandchildren became dead ends, including me, as no children were given to several of us.

IMG_5573What was unknown to me was also surprisingly, that Camilla Parker-Bowles had herself chosen her first husband to be NOT Charles, even tho he was quite besotted w her, and wanted her, knowing her to be THE ONE, upon their meeting and having a romance as young people, but they were thwarted by behind the scenes machinations of other relatives…Yet, she did love, but not enough, and she was obsessed w another man, the aforementioned Parker-Bowles…and so, Charles was left needing a consort, as the eventual King, and so to produce those crucial heirs to the Throne, so Diana Spencer fit the role and met muster of the Queen. So goes English Royal History, life in the gilded cage, a fishbowl, no one would likely choose, preferring ordinary anonymity…not being chased in a tunnel, ravenous photographers, looking 4 illicit relationships, gossip…and death, before your time. RIP, The People’s Princess, Diana. We loved u!

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  1. Just by way of explanation to those who read this entry in my blog: the B & W picture at the top is Fannie Krieger Bergner, w her husband Sam Bergner, this author’s maternal great grandparents, w their 1st 2 daughters, Blanche and Esther. Esther was my maternal grandmother. And the 3D silkscreen serigraph of London is by artist Charles Fazzino. Princess Diana’s image is in the yellow moon.

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