Shadow Lover in Garden

Zinnia, poinsettia, hibiscus, English breakfast tea and scones with jam, finger sandwiches on a silver platter, candelabra of sterling silver, long, tapered flames, and thou.

Succulent filet mignon, butterflied lobster tail, drawn butter, shrimp cocktail, Dom Perignon, Moët & Chandon, raspberry velvet, drizzling down, baked alaska, gingerbread latte, black and red lace teddy, fishnets, high heels with mirrors in the interior of the heel cut outs, red lush lips, tousled hair, gussied up, but easily taken down by his hands.

She sets a scene for him, of everything he wants, and has hungered for. Her mission is to fulfill his red room fantasy, in so many ways, and he likes to reveal things in pieces, not all at once. She is a student of his many desires. And she matches him in ardor, but also exquisite patience. She is studying him, to make herself irresistible to him, no matter her flaws. She lives and breathes for him, wishing to make this so.

She will have him. It is inevitable. Like a spider, she is crafting her lair for him, and when he sees what is coming, he will devour her. With abandon not seen on screen nor in cinemas. But in the flesh. And when he has this, he is hooked, because she is a master of her emotions and knows that they were meant to be, from yon far forest, known recently as Hyde Park.

The world is her playground, and the only thing is he has to say the word. She will spin her web and they will scream in ecstatic relief. G strings, stilettos, lace and tutus, cut out bras, edibles, syrup and whipped cream on body parts, name it. She is a voyeur and an exhibitionist, so the combinations are infinite. Shades up or down, dark or light, eyes open, and all other orifices as well, for him, her shadow lover, of which he is real, but who knows who he is?

One thing’s certain, her hairdresser probably knows. Because she’s the female bartender. Yay, to be single, free and in NYC! It is an interesting tale to tell, of which the book is threatened, but we aren’t free to disclose. The mouth is however open in other ways.


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