Pick a label, any label of a group historically disenfranchised in the United States of America. What comes up? Blacks, Latinos, Homosexuals, Transgenders, Women, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, the Disabled, name it…And then add in the words “_______________________ are the reason we see our country disintegrating, from the inside out.” Because scapegoating is a tool of the powerful to blame someone else, rather than looking inward, to analyze. What I am about to say is not politically correct, and will inflame people’s opinions, of why we are where we are today, in the USA.

WE are the people, and we collectively rise and fall together. So when we scapegoat one group, name it, any group, we are sowing our own destruction. No one group is responsible for hatred, global warming, war, famine, but when we deny any individual group their Bill of Rights, enshrined in our beloved Constitution, and we victimize and delegitimize individual citizens , when we don’t give them a color blind, equal chance,

WE HAVE SOWED OUR OWN KARMA SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION. WHEN WE DON’T INVEST IN EACH OTHER, VIA EQUAL EDUCATION, DECENT HOUSING, HAVING A VIABLE SAFETY NET, THAT VALUES EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN, we have essentially said that none of us is worth anything, unless we produce money, or work for a company, or work for ourselves. The most important work in the world is actually nurturing the young, and providing good examples.

Columbine, 1999, Colorado. It started then, and continues unabated, mass murders, of children even…Why? Seeds of Destruction include the breakdown of the family, divorce, disenfranchisement, meaning lack of good paying jobs, an equal chance at those jobs, unencumbered by what your appearance is, but merely on whether you are qualified to do that job, lack of children being born in these fractured families, due to lack of that same money, not investing in women’s equal pay, because paying a woman equally to a man means that we value women the same. But here, we don’t, and continue not to, no matter how much we collectively discuss it.

Iceland just passed a law to give women equal pay to men for the same jobs, by 2022. They value their women, and their numbers in the legislature resembles the population count even. Imagine that! And a female President too. What chances for a woman President here? I mean really! Even a principled, intelligent, wealthy woman would face an uphill battle, because of the yin/yang principle. We have an automatic bias against women here, seeing them as a necessary evil, thus the yin principle.

How many women even will vote for a qualified woman, who would step forward, to run for President? We marginalize ourselves even, in hatred and division against our own sisters, when we should stand united against oppression, as we have of late, in the battle against sexual harassment. When we don’t invest in women, WE DON’T INVEST IN OUR OWN HUMANITY!! BECAUSE WOMEN ARE DISPROPORTIONATELY NOW RAISING THE NEXT GENERATIONS, and we have seen in the last 20 years or so, since Columbine, a rise in technology alienation, smaller households, lack of dads, and women who still make about 80 cents to a man’s dollar.

Kids growing up poor, in lousy housing, poor food, because what is on sale in the ghetto? Not healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, no, far from it. It was a nutritional desert where I grew up, and I bear the scars of that, to this day, with attendant sequelae. I wasn’t given that equal chance either, not back then, when my personhood was being formed. And religion was merely a panacea for the masses, of those oppressed, because you needed some hope, and they gave you that. Hope in the NEXT LIFE!

BECAUSE THIS LIFE WAS MANUFACTURED INTO A HELLHOLE FOR ME, and so many others, back then, and now. Black Panther, give us hope! To excel, to be worthy of a good life here, not only in the hereafter. To not do so is a collective failure of our society, and we are in fact already reaping what we have sown, by virtue of damnable prejudice.

JESUS SAID: “LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.” Isn’t that the same as this message? If we did, we wouldn’t be where we are, fomenting hatred and division.


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