Do You See What I See?

Lemon scented gumdrops inserted into steel mesh stents

To block circulation, and kill, by a Blacklister hiding in plain sight.

No Hippocratic oath, just an education and no morals, sociopath

With a license to kill. Henchmen at his side. I can smell the ambiguity

And James Spader is in the background, nefarious as a scorpion

Hiding Secrets forevermore. What price power, currency?

Tricky allegiances, with law enforcement, the greater good,

To align oneself with known killers, who are in it for themselves,

But who are confidential informants, with not to be had knowledge

of the mass murderers, and the warmongers, who are the blue whales of

commerce, of the fate of the the entire human race….


And we wonder why we have reaped this President, and Kim Jong-Un?

We are the ultimate arbiters of our own fates. And lesser catastrophes will happen in plain sight, day by day, until we see that which we have sown, the seeds of our own destruction.

Like gummed up stents exploding in our chests, without warning.

Be prepared, for you know not the day or the hour. But the signs are there, nigh in the mirror of your visage, staring back, blankly.


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