Life Dreams, Lit Up

A haiku it is not, because I dislike strict constructs, 5, 7, 5

But succinct meaning in words desirable.

Hidden meanings, public audiences of friends, followers

Not saying what is wanted to be shown

Current love interest, but not on FB friend, yet

Very important. Dreams caught up, lit.

Because I want a public man to be with

And yet, it is so a tangled web, at this stage of life.

He is important, very much so. So secrecy will be necessary.

And I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Damn, to be me, with a large mouth, but also discretion

And desire to see it come to fruition.

I will keep quiet, in hopes of big dreams coming to me.

I think this one is different. Worth it.



Consequences of Voting: Nuclear Fallout?

Dystopian future of post atomic World War III, as big egos clash on world stage

Neither taking responsibility for the catastrophe, brought on by nuclear posturing

Narcissistic personality disorder, and the will to do it, without calm, careful analysis

Of what the order will do for each component country. Or even those in the periphery.

Like the non-technological Amish people, caught like lambs in an apocalypse…Completely not responsible, but victims anyway, by virtue of being members of the benighted USA, whose leadership is erratic and wholly not concerned about those whose life is impacted.

Nuclear fallout blows in the winds of our planet, so those who are not responsible get nucleonic particles, conferring cancer from radiation poisoning. Water and food all contaminated, animals dying too, hair falling out, some in blast zone instantly vaporized were lucky….

The only reminder of the world is 9/11/2001, as those who were blameless were taken in a single blast of hatred against humanity. And that day is singed in memory of billions worldwide. But from the darkness came the light, and many who were good, sacrificial, gave of themselves, to help, to recover whatever was recoverable.

The dead were vaporized however, from the World Trade Center, some anyway. No remains found, even now, unidentified, from dust, like nuclear fallout. Covering those who ran from the Ground Zero flames. We will never forget, and will always remember to be a force for good instead, to repudiate those who would do such tremendous evil.


Because the light conquers the darkness in the end. And God and His Army will triumph over Satan and his minions. Even when we have madmen who have personality disorders in high places in the government. Not just here either.

The good people who put this President in office could not foresee the havoc they have wrought in so doing. Let it not be that World War III start by virtue of that choice.

Keep the clash diplomatic, and not a flashpoint of warheads with nukes. The Amish, the Hmong, the victims of Harvey Weinstein all deserve better…Let not protein availability be confined to insects who survive this Apocalypse. We can’t eat roaches and termites, after all. Or merely draw the Revelation in magazine covers of Apocalypsis.

We were meant to be so much better than this, but alas: a failed experiment, this Humanity. And I am one of these too, undeniable. My species is corrupt!