America’s Got Talent: Darci Lynne

Moved to tears of joy, for young gifted singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, with puppets aplenty

To have beaten a multitude of hopefuls, from all over the USA, at age 12, against 2nd place competitor Angelica Hale, aged 10, who was beyond fabulous also, as a singer with great range, and command of notes.

She put 2 puppets in competition with each other, male and female, funny as hell, with different voices, and then sang personal favorite “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

Just having taken up this craft 2 years ago, and to be this good at it?! And 12?! She also performed with truly legendary Las Vegas star Terry Fator, who is himself a delight to see on the Las Vegas Strip, the Mirage Hotel bearing his name in a theater. Another ventriloquist who sings, who won 10 years ago.

Give a little girl a platform, and watch her shine! The world is better today for her having won, because when you give this sort of thing to her, you have changed a life.

And her life changed thus is like rebirthing the whole world, by virtue of knowledge that one life changed for the better makes another life worthwhile. Affirm every talent you see in your fellow man! The microcosm of one is the macrocosm of all, in the Earth. What you have done for Darci Lynne has changed the trajectory of the entire planet! And given the rest of us hope for the future….

See and taste the goodness of every single person you meet. You may save or change a life for the better, and in so doing, your own life has had profound meaning. By loving another person, you have glimpsed the face of God…and in hugging and kissing that person, the bud becomes a beautiful mature flower. Conversely, when you reject without explanation, you cause the flower to wilt prematurely and die inwardly. So be respectful, and treat the other person the way we treated Darci Lynne last night: with love and joy!

The life you saved may be your own. Because we have a heavenly God, who keeps score on all of us. Do what you want done to yourself. Be kind and honest. And do not reject wantonly, with malice, lest it be your own fate later.


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