Intense yearnings, front and center, leading the author to therapy because too complicated for readers of blog.

You want some dirty scenes broadcast? No can do. No loose lips.

Going on to unattached men, who are AVAILABLE. No use with men who are married, who are in total friends, and must remain such. I DESERVE BETTER.

Keep friends as friends, platonic. Keep dates as potentials for pleasure. But he has to merit it…the prize is mind blowing. Such unusual experiences as he can hardly imagine, but he needs to be free to indulge. Without guilt or complications, like me.

I have a treasure trove of writings, ideas, lingerie, corset, bustier, parched like the veritable Sahara, ready and very willing. And tickets to some rare concerts too, if he merits it…But the price will be high, in sexual experiences, and getting it on over time. He is unlikely to be able to leave, given past history, as it is very heady, the having.

Not the merely fantasizing. The subject in mind doesn’t even know he is under consideration at this time. He isn’t on my online radar. But he could be sitting on the tip of a beautiful precipice of desire. He needs to move on this limited offer. The door is ajar, but may not remain so.

But one thing is certain: if he opens this door, he will never be the same. And he will be happy he entered.


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