Forbidden Desire

Married he is, but his looks beckon me come hither. I can smell his desire

as he radiates pheromones and his eyes glint. Body language never lies; only lips do.

Awareness that the fruit is very sweet and dripping wet, ready to pounce.


The dance has begun and is eternal. He notes my choice of revealing swimwear.

Picture posing without bottoms, only a tankini. Penile tumescence involuntarily stirring…He pictures me naked in his mind’s eye, being pulled into the vortex

Of his powerful arms, running hands through my luxuriant hair,

Claiming me with a scintillating kiss and a caress of my ample buns.


But I desire him too. The flirtation has reached the fever pitch and I throw caution as if into hurricane force winds. I know it’s wrong, but the knowledge no longer stops me.

I SHALL HAVE HIM AND MARK HIS SOUL WITH MY MOUTH! For the oral fixation is dominant and he will not soon forget what I am about to do, as he has dreamt of this scene and woken up with wet sheets. Many times, or closed his eyes, imagining me there, hot and panting, nipples hard, poo poo soaked and all he has to do is insert a finger…as the involuntary writhing and screams mount loudly in intensity. 

Anything more and she is a feral cat possessed….


They have been circling each other a bit too long. Desire denied, suppressed for the sake of propriety, societal norms be damned! It has only built up a raging lava pit volcano.

Both he and she erupt gloriously!!!


And she knows it is wrong but is powerless to stop the flow of the river of magma that comes from both of them. This is going to be infinite intensity as you cannot stop a hurricane. Nor her perversity in putting this out there. She is flashing purple neon, guys…


But be advised she marks your soul with her mouth. It is very hard to deny the force of nature.



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