Ruminating Dear Evan Hansen

High school senior autism spectrum with single mother, alone together

Connecting via social media, texting predominantly, avoiding being live with people.

Verbal, hyper speech, broken arm, cast, mom nurse’s aide, dad abandoned elsewhere

No concern or support from dad. Social ostracism at school, making fun, bullying.

Exercise from personal therapist: write yourself. But letter goes awry, with life altering consequences for another family.

Attempts to retrieve letter no good. Scheme to deal with aftermath, via advice and lies.


Girl in the letter oblique meaning, but a one sided crush. A hope. She is in the affected family. An opportunity to present himself to all of them, in solace. He succeeds wonderfully.

No need for therapy or mom too much nor prescription anymore. He found another option, with great possibility for the future, in different ways.

But mom clashes like a head on truck collision: pride. Obstruction. Evan has to confess how he lied all along, with dreadful repercussions all around.

A man with neurological damage healed, then devastated, upon conscience speaking via the dead man…Other family bears guilt too, for not being there, for their son Connor.

Zoe lovely in her reaching out in first love, but dealing with loss, and severe dysfunctional family, but with compassion. Brilliant.


Evan has reconciliation with his mom Heidi before end comes, and picks up the pieces of his life, forever changed by these events.

We the audience are similarly changed, via tears, comeuppances, karma and dealing with the work of our own dysfunctional families and pasts.

We are better for having seen Dear Evan Hansen: infinitely! Incredible work. Parents, go with your children; couples, find a way to not be the Murphys; single parents, put the best interest of your child first, without blocking opportunity.

Embrace those who are different: you may save a life!



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