The Roots of Terrorism

When you raise children in an atmosphere of low self-esteem, lies, consequential ones,

Distrust, divorce, violence, life threats, recriminations…


The odds of getting a college degree reduce exponentially, as does the model of marriage corrode. The next generation then can’t make a living: security is lacking, savings non-existent because there is no money for the rainy day–

For the unexpectedly long rehab, the head gasket in used car constantly blowing up,

the elders who are home on rickety stairs falling down, no college fund, no spare for

needy siblings with literally NOTHING, but undeserving because they EXPECT…


Industrial revolution again eliminating jobs as the economy mechanizes to favor

Robots and self-driving cars…will your job be downsized next, like the choking black soot coal miners? Read the tea leaves, Emperor Trump: coal mines are disappearing and executive fiat won’t bring those jobs back to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


The offspring were told that they weren’t good enough AT ANYTHING: a corrosive inward poison which actually wasn’t true. But because mom & dad didn’t believe in us,

We doubted ourselves FOREVERMORE…


We became ugly inside as well as outside…

Victim becomes perpetrator. Cycle complete. Bad parents = bad children=

bad citizen= Force for evil jihad on the world.


How do you create a loser terrorist?

Feed verbal poison in liberal doses to children.  The other world looks better this way…

Ending this life’s pain.


That’s why parenthood is the most important job in the world. Love unconditionally

And the evil cannot win, but instead gets snuffed out!


But because some will continue to ignore and not care for their children,

and have them despite no resources to house or clothe them, going hungry,

no education, refugee camps without end…the world will go on with literal explosions

of inward pain. Terror is the only consequence of these failures.

You reap what you sow, SO LOVE YOUR CHILDREN!!! And get them out of hopeless refugee camps as well, time without end, amen…



This was written just hours before the terrorist attacks on this day in beloved London, UK, in 3 places in the city. I came back from London on MAY 24TH, 2017. My prayers and love to my beloved ancestral city and her people, with tears for the innocent killed and hurt.




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