Another Phantasmagorical Valentine

Annual musings of imagination, of being in my beloved’s arms, of knowing a true molten lava kiss and more…so much more.

This lady is red hot, and pictures extraordinary wishes fulfilled, as much as he wants

And she desires, for the two are in sync in mind and body.

Snow accumulating with harsh winds outside, very cold, but we are naked inside, under covers, warm, dipping s’mores, on soon to be laundered sheets, all wet with lovemaking.

No interruptions, just a day of languid wish fulfillment, phones silent, just the two, in privacy, and joy of love fulfilled. No need to be present for anyone else, for a few hours of pleasure…and a plan of transformation, of 50 Shades Darker, on the road to soul mates in bliss, on the same page, in the blessing of knowing the two are better off together, and life giving too, as the reality of life is distinctly different from this idyll…

The reality is one person only has a phantasm, a fantasy, a dream, of being united

And that person may in fact have the sand run out of the hourglass

Before the dream turns to reality. It is dependent on what God wants

Ultimately. Such love ought to be in real life, because it is from God

And that is what sustains me in these very cold, lonely nights

Crying out for union, from deep within my soul.


In the meantime, I do everything possible to show the real me to do good for others.

Because my soul is ultimately good, and deserves its life recompense.

So is his. Can we have our cake now though, please??

Because love denied is deadly, in the end, if it lasts too long.