Some family members who are close die, and then the fun starts.

Grieving loss, tears aplenty, needing help of all kinds

Slow healing, support from dear friends, who become your chosen family

Because now an orphan, and no husband, no children…

Only distant cousins and a half sister, all miles and miles away

Seen seldom. Attitude and gratefulness matter in those harsh days

Of loneliness and solitude. The feelings in the glare of loss

Intensify and crystallize in amber…remembered for the rest of time.


So the sole daughter of the clan, as to father’s offspring, and his side

Is later fortunate in terms of good lifestyle–

And the friends who have become family watch a transformation

In terms of mood, overcoming life, the burdens and losses

Sliding away, not forgotten, but instead incorporated into her soul.

Who she is today is an amalgam of life experience, harsh at times, and seemingly unendurable, but also a prism of light in the rainbow—

For those who have lost much, shall also gain much.

To whom much is given, much will be expected.

And so, she rededicates herself to giving to those who are worthy

And those who need help, sometimes urgently…

And sharing with the family she has chosen for herself: her dear friends!

Even while still searching for that elusive man who could be a husband to her

For she has so much love to give him, but alas, she watches, and waits

And hopes.


Even while the vipers out there are circling hungrily for what she now has

And also begrudge her that. Their attitude condemns them, for Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Only the worthy get to sit at that table. By the Word of the Lord has this been spoken.

Give to others that which is good, and get it back.

Karma works for the evil as well. Greed and pride are to be parked outside the door.

I serve the Lord, and will, all the days of my Earthly life. So shall it be with those I hold dear. No matter my personal fate. THY WILL BE DONE!


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