In Memorium: For Mothers

Last night I saw a moving tale of a woman who did the unthinkable:

Abandoned in paper bags, with only a towel for covering, THREE precious newborn babies.

Her two daughters and one son all put on doorsteps, storefronts, a dumpster even, wailing

With umbilical cords attached, PAPER BAGS! It was 1981, 1986 and 1987, when the Now

Familiar Safe Haven Law was not in effect yet. Strung out on drugs, alcohol, on welfare, with 2 sons already by her, with no family or boy friendly support…This mom dumped her subsequent children, and happily, were all saved by others, via adoption.

The first daughter was a concocted story, that she merely FOUND the child, and delivered her to the police, for care elsewhere, by the dumpster…which wasn’t true. She made this story up, to conceal her shame.

Today, there are DNA service organizations, that linked up all 3 of these foundling children, who are now grown, and have made them aware of being half siblings, with a first cousin to boot, which was the key to finding the common mother by birth…

They all had their emotional reveal with this sad mother, who lived and got sick in karmic

response to all her sins in abandoning these THREE children. We do not find out what became of the sons that this woman kept, in the 2020 news program. A single mother with no money or emotional support, on drugs and alcohol is not apt to have a good outcome for any of her offspring.

But this story always hits home for me, as I found my only half sister via mutual consent with an adoption agency, in 2006, when I was aged almost 42, February 21, 2006, the call came…and life changing it was. Both I and my mother, who raised me, cried for joy that day. A long held ¬†prayer came true: We found the girl who was born first to beloved Harriett, my only mother, and she wanted to be found now! As we wanted her.

Karen Leigh was renamed by her adoptive parents, and came to us then, first via email. Gradually, we built up a relationship, and met her and her life partner in July 2007. She was 7 years older than I was, and Harriett was in no condition in the 1950’s to keep her firstborn. Like the reprehensible mother above, she had no family support, calling her a whore, and also abandoned by her dental student boyfriend. Harriett had no way of supporting such a child, being a typist, and unwelcome in her parent’s home anymore, by virtue of the social mores of the times.

So in thanksgiving to my mother for doing the right thing by Karen in giving her up responsibly, in the hospital, to an adoption agency, because no one was on her side in the 1950’s…Karen was adopted a mere 1 month later to a loving couple, who were later able to conceive a son, after adopting their first.

My blood sister is my family these days, and I have taken that example of adoption by  taking on several good and yes, wonderful friends, and their children, as my own family.

Because today officially I am an orphan, but greatly blessed also, but virtue of love given and received, all around my chosen and by virtue of blood, family…Bless Karen, Rosie, John, Jerry, Susan, Max, Marna, Johnny, Doreen, Maria, George and all of their 7 children, and going into the future, and now living 2 grandchildren among these…

Love = life well spent. Be good to others, and reap your reward by virtue of Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, and Whose will be done, in concert with my own will. For this, we pray. May my will be exactly His Will…and then all shall be made perfect in the end.

For as the Heavenly Father reconnected me with my lost lamb of a wonderful sister, so also He has brought me another loving cousin Marc, and we took to each other like ducks to water too! By virtue of DNA testing…and this summer, we all meet together in Maryland.

A new chapter of love…2 sisters and their blood 3rd cousin, but we have much in common too…another miracle. Bless all the Mothers, both those passed and those still with us…They are the bedrock on which we stand strong, going forward.