Pay Money: Equal Rights

Escaping the drudgery of the former life: idiot bosses who just heap on extra duties,

No pay raises, except when weak union allows a 1% one, but 3% raises in health costs,

Which means you are getting poorer as time goes on, and your work load increases

Exponentially, as they fire and lay off those they think are expendable, just because they know they own you, by virtue of that dwindling paycheck, thereby making your job harder and harder over time, and adding duties, even while the work force shrinks…

And they don’t value you at all. Why? Because you are a woman? Because women’s work is clearly held in lower esteem by society, to wit 77 cents to the dollar a man makes, even now! And equal pay for equal work is just a dream above the glass ceiling…

Even while men will not marry you these days, because there is no advantage in it for them. What? They want sexual variety, not one woman for a lifetime: it’s in the hardwired genetic code…spread the seed, make more offspring, with many women…that’s the genetic imperative!

So the future is held in those dwindling paychecks, and the children growing up in single parent homes, with men who are absent or demoralized by other circumstances. And demoralized men make violence against those women and children, because they are easy fodder behind closed doors.

The low salaries and higher health costs and reduced funding for retirement, with no more golden years pension funds, only half baked 401 K’s, with not nearly enough money to fund retirement.

Better hurry up and die first, before your money runs out, or your kid raised with no one home turns to heroin and death, with no funds for a funeral…Why?

Because society conspired against you all along. They didn’t pay you a living wage and they tightened the noose of high expectations, with no support. You were just a salary they were paying, a number. And your kids deserve more than that, but the employer didn’t get the memo.

Men? Wake up and marry the women you think are worthy of sleeping with you, the ones who you really love. Then be there to shoulder some of the burden of raising those kids, and seeing them live long and prosper.

Because you guys get $1 to every 77 cents we women get. And we want you too, when we love you. There is the whole future of our country riding on this one issue.