Black & White Soul

Single-minded tempest of devotion
Yes! Scarlet and forest green envy of love
Because it’s black and white, no shades of gray.
I could die happily in his arms tonight
But all avenues blocked by barricades
To his heart, his soul, his tempestuous flesh
Rising up regularly in a fury of strangled desire.

She cries in her multi-hued prison
For want of him, and prays to Our Father
Who can assert the pair up if it be but His will.
For they both crossed the mental line long ago
But not the physical one. They are both decent, loving people
And committed to fidelity and the truth.

She is definitive, resolute:
Have him under the blessed canopy
or not at all. If not, she is prepared to die for her love.
For love denied when so true
Is no life at all. She would rather be parted
From her flesh than to go on, year after year, of a life
sentence, not having him.

For the love is sacred, true, from God, and worthy.
But she accords his happiness higher than her own,
And so waits, tearing up internally & externally
All in wretched Silence.

Repeating: soul mates must unite in the flesh someday
Or else die in the attempt.
Death is preferable to a life sentence
For this black & white soul.
Let the Iceman melt & arrive in her boudoir…


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