Many have heard of the 2016 Blizzard which hit the East Coast of the USA

January 22-23, 2016. But did you know that already 29 have died from it?

Snow shoveling, car accidents, ineffective reasoning of endurance or strength

To shovel very heavy water-laden snow, windswept at up to 48 mph…

The aftermath is a moonscape in Tranquility, whiteness, piles….

Until the Black Muck sets in, and slush muddies many a boot

Slushing about inside the boot, because how waterproof are they?

And wet feet in severe cold beget possible frostbite or Athlete’s Foot at the least.

Very uncomfortable.


And cars are buried inches deep, unto you cannot even see them, but for a side view mirror maybe…And this is simply from the storm.

No one piled the snow on top of the cars to undig their own. You can see that it is merely the storm’s fury. And you can’t pull out either…because the obligatory snow plows snowed you in, with enormous piles to the street side of your parked car…hemmed in.

So if you are middle aged or older, Heaven Forbid! You really need a young person to undig your car, or else face possible early mortality from unknown heart condition

Giving up in the face of heavy physical labor and not enough breath, and the cold makes it harder to breathe…And 30.5 inches of snowfall is a massive amount of digging…

That’s the official total at JFK Airport, near where I live.

I’m delightfully ensconced in a protected garage in my building

And flying to the Caribbean tomorrow to escape…just in time

for slush not on boots, but in tropical drinks in Blue Curacao.

Yes, I’d envy myself too, if it were another person going

And I was stuck undigging my pathetic little frosted, buried car on street level

But I don’t have to. Life is Good in the Fast Lane: a paraphrase of the immortal Glenn Frey and Don Henley, songwriters for the Eagles…

Missing them, but toasting to a life well spent. IMG_0750



Carpet bombing adversaries on world stage: EXPLOSIONS

Shattered bodies in millions of shards of glass, rubble, innards

Unmeant to be seen on splattered walls and munitions

Weeping women in tattered clothing; men carrying comrades in bloody rags

And body bags. Make shift hospital tents, IV’s running on poles

Of the shattered innocents. Aleppo, Syria; Baghdad, Iraq; Mogadishu,

Even Pearl Harbor, New York City, Washington, DC and a lone airfield

in Pennsylvania. Destruction to the nth degree. For what?

Man’s passions unquenched in war against enemies

Going on and on, unto the atomic apocalypse…

Because it exists and is proliferating; and the silent terror

Wants it, to inflict ever more harm on the enemy in retribution

For slights and slayings of the past…bloodletting begetting more

Bloodletting. Armageddon is written about in Scripture. See the book Revelation?

The Catholic Bible calls it Apocalipsis; that is to say the Apocalypse…

The ones who die before this day are the fortunate ones, to never behold what is coming

To their own lives, and that of their progeny…

When your water stops running FOREVER. When there is NO MORE MEDICINE.

When there is no more FOOD. Only guns, hatred, desperation and RISING TEMPERATURES

WORLDWIDE. When the investment markets COLLAPSE and all you have are your survival skills and your alliances with the powerful…

Yes, ’tis a good day to be with the Angels in Heaven, my dear, or softly asleep, awaiting final judgment. For the survivors will be Baking a Living Hell…

And a bullet may be your best friend. Ironic. Maybe the National Rifle Association has it right at the End…the guns are your friends when all is nigh.

At least a way out from unending misery. Imagine a world with no money and what that means…Or a lack of brute strength against gang rape, or no rule of law…


Just yesterday without warning, my heat failed due to extreme cold, which begat a water main break near my home, which in turn meant not only no heat on a wind chill 10 degree night, but also NO WATER AT ALL, and ice forming on black concrete, and honking cars going nowhere…And all you had was an estimate and practically no notice as to the shutdowns of all water and heat…AND you had no health insurance because of a bankrupt company leaving you holding the bag…the cold might mean you get sick…

So you fill a large bathtub with brown dirty contaminated water, in case of needing to flush a toilet without any water…and gather a large bucket in case of need…AND then decide it wasn’t worth the risk of staying put…so you pack a bag and check into a hotel…AND PRAY for a return to normality in a timely manner…


In the Apocalypse, there will be no return to heat, water and there will be no hotels to retreat to…only you and your guns against the world. Still wanna live then?

Sure you do. Hard wired for survival we are. Even when it is against our best interests to do so.

Black & White Soul

Single-minded tempest of devotion
Yes! Scarlet and forest green envy of love
Because it’s black and white, no shades of gray.
I could die happily in his arms tonight
But all avenues blocked by barricades
To his heart, his soul, his tempestuous flesh
Rising up regularly in a fury of strangled desire.

She cries in her multi-hued prison
For want of him, and prays to Our Father
Who can assert the pair up if it be but His will.
For they both crossed the mental line long ago
But not the physical one. They are both decent, loving people
And committed to fidelity and the truth.

She is definitive, resolute:
Have him under the blessed canopy
or not at all. If not, she is prepared to die for her love.
For love denied when so true
Is no life at all. She would rather be parted
From her flesh than to go on, year after year, of a life
sentence, not having him.

For the love is sacred, true, from God, and worthy.
But she accords his happiness higher than her own,
And so waits, tearing up internally & externally
All in wretched Silence.

Repeating: soul mates must unite in the flesh someday
Or else die in the attempt.
Death is preferable to a life sentence
For this black & white soul.
Let the Iceman melt & arrive in her boudoir…