Infinite Loop Causality (No, not a math problem)

Cognitive dissonance breeds infinite loop of obsession
Playing and replaying scenario in mind,
Expecting that an element of solution repurposed
in another position yields a different outcome.
Insanity= following the exact same sequence of events,
expecting a different outcome each time.
Expectation: human nature is to inflate, obfuscate, lie
Make self better than actuality, especially online
Which is an alternate reality colliding with the real world.
On social media, photographs handsome & beautiful
Depicting persons not remotely like who you are,
ages mistaken, occupations, income, marital status
all lies on dating services sites. With nefarious objective
of ensnarement of lonely lady’s desperate heart.
Favored victims: corpulent, ugly, middle aged or older,
ignorant, US citizen sought by foreign national, lady rejected,
Lonely, on the fringe, weird habits, personality, interests, soft hands, legs, chests,
manicured silk wrapped nails, decorated pedicured toenails, mirrors in heels,
fishnet stockings, cable car butt lift caboose, all for one purpose.

Infinite loop of multi-variable calculus
Of men & women dancing the song of life & death
In each other’s arms, not stepping on the delicate pedicure.
Because to break a toenail is akin to a head
being lopped off in the Roseland of Eternity.
Let not the manicure meet the lying eyes!


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