Deus Ex Machina

A team of humanoids needs to create a sentient android
In order that humanity becomes not an afterthought, extinct
For artificial intelligence begets superior ability
And without a spiritual construct, morality withers
The infinity of creation of ever more intelligent machines
Is species suicide in the end, as the androids realize they are better than we are in so many ways.
And we are not in a movie, where Schwarzenegger and his ilk save humanity once more.
No, the only way we stand united as a species is when the invading aliens, far superior to us,
Come to exterminate or dominate, as in slavery.
When a being is inferior, it is as if we are mankind, and the giants are coming in their spaceships to crush us
And our cities, our technology, our power, our very dependence upon electricity, water, food… identities
All online, all vulnerable, in ways we cannot begin to comprehend.
We have created our own doom, and it is ticking away, with the lot of us so dependent upon our
Technological way of life that we have rewritten the fate of our own species and Planet.
So as it is ticking away, with super storms, natural disasters, killing for sport, don’t forget to add
Artificial Intelligence, as that is yet another Black Hole of iniquity where we
Collectively refuse to see the outcome…
How is it that I, in my social obscurity, but with a computer, tablet and smart phone
Can see the future, and it always did look bleak to me,
But that is a function of analysis, too much time on my hands, and a unique way of seeing and expressing same.
When I am long gone, my writing will be on the proverbial wall:
Except that wall is a flickering light on a server in some air conditioned away from humanity room
With billions of gigabytes, terabytes, whatever bytes we will have to attach a prefix to express
Ever increasing knowledge, forever held on the internet.

What will they say about me in one hundred years, as all publishing becomes forever
On some server which is ubiquitous (everywhere).
Except when the lights go out, and the temperature goes too high
Like the Twilight Zone with the Midnight ever increasing sun
Growing closer to Earth…not too far off from reality
And Rod Serling the Visionary might say he was better off to live when he did
As the future ticks away,
And Deus Ex Machina means God Ex-Machine
Because the future is for the androids that can stand the heat
And are superior in every way to us, except that we have God
And as such, we might stand a chance for a while longer
Because He wills it so.

We refused to play chess on the Game of Life
So we have checkmated ourselves into a corner.
Pray for the children and grandchildren, as we have bequeathed
A future that is looking worse by the day
Unless we about face, and collectively deal with climate change constructively.


Infinite Loop Causality (No, not a math problem)

Cognitive dissonance breeds infinite loop of obsession
Playing and replaying scenario in mind,
Expecting that an element of solution repurposed
in another position yields a different outcome.
Insanity= following the exact same sequence of events,
expecting a different outcome each time.
Expectation: human nature is to inflate, obfuscate, lie
Make self better than actuality, especially online
Which is an alternate reality colliding with the real world.
On social media, photographs handsome & beautiful
Depicting persons not remotely like who you are,
ages mistaken, occupations, income, marital status
all lies on dating services sites. With nefarious objective
of ensnarement of lonely lady’s desperate heart.
Favored victims: corpulent, ugly, middle aged or older,
ignorant, US citizen sought by foreign national, lady rejected,
Lonely, on the fringe, weird habits, personality, interests, soft hands, legs, chests,
manicured silk wrapped nails, decorated pedicured toenails, mirrors in heels,
fishnet stockings, cable car butt lift caboose, all for one purpose.

Infinite loop of multi-variable calculus
Of men & women dancing the song of life & death
In each other’s arms, not stepping on the delicate pedicure.
Because to break a toenail is akin to a head
being lopped off in the Roseland of Eternity.
Let not the manicure meet the lying eyes!