Memorial Hamlet & The Pleasure Principle

Memorial musings of the honored dead military
Who died for all of us to protect our language and way of life
From fascists, communists, nihilists, atheists, jihadists, radicals
Except they are already here as infiltrators.
More educated than we are, their brains not addled by video games,
Pot on a teen-ager’s developing brain,
No cocaine, pain killer opiates, poppies, gateways to heroin,
K-2, synthetic pot, smelling salts, glue ingested, inhaled…
*Doped up on pleasure, wanting ever more forever…*
Fighting authority, unwilling to work hard or study for years
For paltry rewards as upward mobility through education is endangered
And the American dream smokes upward in a cloud of pot haze,
through a bong freely sold in stores.

The pleasure principle dominates: love of chocolate, sex, infinite partners for men,
One true, one faithful & in love with one woman,
Happy with mutual exploration, emotional, mental, then physical intimacy:
a dream because the ones who truly feel this way are already married & unavailable,
faithful by cherished vows, making them worthy of her love,
though it cannot be so for them as the hourglass runs out of sand,
As “You’re the One That I Want” plays in the background
Eternally with a memory of a dance that was as close as
they are ever going to get in this life.
Ahhh, pleasure principle exists in the tortured mind & heart
As another hot summer beckons, with no relief in sight.
She searches and finds only secrecy & falsehoods,
identities online unreal & in person, only the married men dreaming
of fictional partners & sexual dreams…

While Mrs. Weiss’ words in Hamlet soliloquy replay in mind:
” ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished…to die, to sleep no more…
For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, must give us pause…”- William Shakespeare,
Hamlet Act III, scene 1.

Indeed. Death is preferable to unending unrequited love.


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