Sailing Away into the Sunset

Heaven is the place where your fondest dreams on this plane of existence come true: eternally.

Life is a test of endurance, of values, of dreams.

Picture a sunset over the ocean with violet, crimson, yellow, fuchsia, orange and you’re on a calm sailboat

with your beloved, margarita in hand, joyous smile, deep passionate kiss…

and timed vacations do not exist.

You can have everything you want: surf & turf, drawn butter, butler service, ship’s captain, penthouse suite, champagne Dom Perignon on ice. Silk sheets, 4 poster beds, whirlpool tub for 2, bubble bath, silky skin, long, thick, luxuriant hair,

No need for Viagra, 6 pack abs, mature, grateful, rich in character & love, work because you want to, not because you have to.

Waiting no more. Screaming in joy at your touch & reciprocating as if hungry for ten lifetimes…

But in our sunset, time is no more. We get what our souls have hungered for,

seemingly eternally in this life plane of subsistence.

Because today is our test, while we wait out our purgatory on this Earth. We just need to pass the test & bring our loved ones

with us to the ocean of tranquility. There we will be alone no more & the love will be reciprocal and appreciated.

Pain, misery, loneliness, financial jails all pass away & we are held in the bosom of the Most High.

I can see a multitude of saved souls upon the calm waters, bathed in white light, brilliant, glistening & singing “We are the World.”

And all the misery fades away…I have an enormous collection of friends & family & we all know & love each other in the myriad senses of that sentiment.

And my beloved’s loyalties are no longer divided. We are one flesh in Eternity, bathed in that glorious light! Picture it!

By Jeffrey Mitchum. #298/300 Edition Photo. Sunset over La Jolla, CA.

By Jeffrey Mitchum. #298/300 Edition Photo. Sunset over La Jolla, CA.


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