Ode to Valentine’s Day

Presumptions of love, punctuated by advertising roses, endless diamonds, candy, all forms of jewelry.

Fifty Shades of Grey movie premiere in 2015 with endless pre-advertising trailers, advance sales extremely inflated

By arousal and simmer. The longer one waits, the more volcanic the eruption.

Love, perhaps foreplay, sex, boxes perched on outstretched male genitals

Saturday Night Live skit. He wants to give what is built in.

She wants a Zale’s diamond necklace on a penguin. No rocks for you, honey. The diamond gets the girl.

And money is the currency of love. He who has it, usually can command the most beautiful princesses.

Witness the Sports Illustrated cover of a scantily clad model, who is Derek Jeter’s girlfriend.

Yeah, money talks, but only for the guys. If a woman has it, she would do well to conceal same

To see if anyone would accept her for the woman she is, not merely the money.

So the holiday goes on year after year, but this lady remains without a suitable candidate for love.

Because all she gets are fortune hunters, and she knows what to look for.

Some of us just HATE Valentine’s Day therefore, and decide to ignore it, and fly off into yonder far castle with volcanoes erupting not Lava, but instead spiteful venom of a woman with massive love to give and no one suitable.

But a little girl will get it, because her agenda is guileless, and she is worthy of it.

So love is coming, but of a different kind, and will be worth it, when it arrives here.

But is it too much to want both erotic and filial love? On this Earth, it appears so.

No one is getting everything! DSCN0095