American Sniper Terror

9/11/2001, Jerusalem, Charlie Hebdo Paris, Mass Transit European,  Sydney cafe, worldwide disease

Fed by poverty, nurtured by hatred of all things unknown and different,

The disaffected youth of the world are ripe for radicalization by virtue of a need for revenge

Which would not find fertile ground if they had stability, prosperity and tolerance.

But the framework is set, poverty is part of our life’s existence, and the paradigm yields terror.

Except that the innocent are laid out, dripping their life’s essence in blood

For the lack of someone else having what they needed: respect and sustenance.

Blood begets blood letting…as we kill to excise our wounds, and cure our homelands of this cancer

New wounds are formed in others, by virtue of loss, unjust loss of the innocent.

As the cycle continues, and good people get disaffected by want and poverty

Or alternatively by superior educations abroad, they gain the skills of flying, hacking, drones flying, constructing,

For the purpose of cowing us all. But they forget that the ultimate justice is with God.

And God does not suffer ugly souls bent on revenge, but instead encourages forgiveness

Through all inspired Holy Books. So encourage your children to forgive and be kind,

As the life you save may be mine or someone else you love.

For terror is an abomination and God does not allow ugliness to persist.

And no Prophet of the Lord would allow it either if true.


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