London UK: A Favorite Ancestral Place

Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Houses of Parliament, London Eye

Madame Tussaud’s, British Museum, Windsor Castle, Victoria & Albert, the O 2 Arena,

Leicester Square, West End Theatre District, National Gallery, marvelous Harrod’s,

A shopper’s dream: Bespoke hampers, sky high, bejeweled heels, furs, hats, flowers,

Graff multi-colored diamonds, Villari gilt 24K tables, silk linens and carpets, fine cuts of meat, Bonieri

Turin candy, a whole floor of exotic fragrances, unbelievably delicious tea room with crumpets to die for,

And latte to match. Perambulators, hobby horses to rock, silver spoons to feed, hand-made greeting cards of exquisite quality.

Art to be found likely in a museum, but for sale! Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, modern masters, original works by Dickens,

Rare photographs of the Beatles and other music icons, limited editions…Paddington Station rail lines, the Underground,

Mind the Gap! Signs posted: “Mind Your Head;” because beams too low to clunk into. Narrow streets, one lane wide,

Masses of humanity rushing about, milling at crossings, waiting politely for the light to change,

Not like New York with jaywalkers everywhere, going against the traffic lights, risking life and limb.

At Piccadilly Circus, visitation from my great grandmother’s spirit: Fannie Krieger, who was born there in 1890,

Delighted I made it back to the ancestral homeland. Felt the strong emotions. Reported same to dear mother, her grandchild

When I returned. I never met her, having died on the day mum was bringing me for a visit as a baby. But I did come to know her husband Sam Bergner, who lived to my attained age of 5 years. He made a treasured antique Arabian Nights lamp, which I have inherited. Proud I am of these beloved ancestors, who were gladdened by the growing family, of which I am a part.

Every generation widens the ancestry, with 3 living and grown daughters, 6 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and so far, 14 great great grandchildren and still growing, as I am in a process of adoption too, which will add to the great greats.

For the purpose of life often is to share your essence and values and love with your children, who make for a powerful reason to go on, for their sake and betterment in life.

I own so much and know a great deal, and am full of love for children, and am a proud ancestor of beloved England, one of my ancestral homelands, which welcomed me with open arms into both Shepherd’s Bush and Mayfair when I was a tourist, but also so much more. I walked like I owned the streets once, for my grandmother’s spirit was within me.

And I miss her again, pining for that which is mine in pride. And I want to meet my cousins, for the family was prosperous

And certainly I have some family today, from there. We could take a tea at Brown’s, Covent Garden, or a bit of Fish & Chips.

London is truly one of the great world cities! I love her truly, and when I got back, was triumphant in her environs. And that gilt table from Harrod’s sits in my living room as the Harriet Newman Memorial Table, as she passed away while I was on holiday, but was yet delighted by the purchase, for she knew how beautiful it was, from a  picture taken in 2009, time of the first visit.

She is my Forever Rose, gilt, porcelain, crystals, glass top, Butterflies…it is as beautiful as mom was in life. DSCN0911


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