Opprobrium (Disgrace, Contempt)

Fury erupts from long held disrespect and contempt

With a minor argument as fuse lit, already solved

But major damage in emotional distance, broken trust, silence.

Enforced as the victim lashes out against the aggressor

For opprobrium is the death knell of love

As the victim contemplates inequality of emotions

And utter disregard for the other’s feelings, which have always been tender.

An error does not require dissolution of a relationship

But it does require retribution and silence for some time

While the victim seeks self-improvement and love elsewhere.

For the love of a lifetime has not its base in contempt and disgrace public

But in love, respect, honor, sacrifice, honesty, generosity, kindness.

The victim is not only a manatee, but a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis

Beautiful inside and working on the outside to match.

Worthy of time and patience to change

For men do not look at the character first, but only the body

And if slender and curvaceous, deem it worthy of desire.

And if not, then disdain and ignorance of carnal desire.

Very simple and unfair in the extreme: to do damage by infliction of despair

And public disgrace. “She is fat!” So all else falls away

While the cat in her lair contemplates the public opprobrium

From those unworthy of judging her thus. But who do.

And she has to reorder their thinking to be in alignment with who she is inside and out.

For her worth is in her character, her love, all unseen by the fact of her obesity

Which is not even half of who she is, only damage from a lifetime of non-acceptance by important others.

Emotional baggage dragging chains as rolls of fat hang from the body all over

Made worse by the opprobrium of those she has held dear.

That is why she has to pre-arrange her funeral:

The tenderness of her heart is so fragile as a rose and wilts in the sunshine of

That contemptuous opprobrium! And no one will do it for her

As the past is the place where love has dwelt for her

When she was thinner and younger, and less damaged.

Damaged by loving the wrong people who showed contempt, not love

And caused irreparable harm, which is showcased in rolls of fat

All over her person. Unworthy and unloved, there is no reason to go on.

Unless she pulls out of it, to see herself as beautiful and thinner

So the world will look at her once more, not in contempt.

She does not deserve the Eleanor Rigby fate.


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