Furious exchanges, verbal blows, wet lip kisses (liquor), no desire

Yet the passion is obvious and unending, occurring ad infinitem

Over many decades. But ONLY the negative side!

She says sister, friend love and wants even less

He says brother, friend love from a distance

And the two keep fighting as if they are in a mortal death coil,

Belying the words. What fresh hell is this?

We must restore equilibrium through separation and silence

And get to the ones who want us body and soul.

Only in equality of love, distant, not passionate

Can we be equal again.

And stop the fights that kill us inside.

The woman will take up with another

And though not ideal, will find her mate

In those arms. For the love of a lifetime is only

To be unlocked with the key to my heart.

And each will find succor in this arrangement

Equilibrium restored. Reorder from chaos.

Because the pain is too great to see love wasted

In strife only, not anything positive.

Trust, honesty, fraternal love, loyalty, generosity

But equality is essential for the hatred to ebb into infinity.

We will find our destiny not in fury and hatred, but instead in peace and love

In the arms of the ones we are destined for. Symbiosis restoration.





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