American Sniper Terror

9/11/2001, Jerusalem, Charlie Hebdo Paris, Mass Transit European,  Sydney cafe, worldwide disease

Fed by poverty, nurtured by hatred of all things unknown and different,

The disaffected youth of the world are ripe for radicalization by virtue of a need for revenge

Which would not find fertile ground if they had stability, prosperity and tolerance.

But the framework is set, poverty is part of our life’s existence, and the paradigm yields terror.

Except that the innocent are laid out, dripping their life’s essence in blood

For the lack of someone else having what they needed: respect and sustenance.

Blood begets blood letting…as we kill to excise our wounds, and cure our homelands of this cancer

New wounds are formed in others, by virtue of loss, unjust loss of the innocent.

As the cycle continues, and good people get disaffected by want and poverty

Or alternatively by superior educations abroad, they gain the skills of flying, hacking, drones flying, constructing,

For the purpose of cowing us all. But they forget that the ultimate justice is with God.

And God does not suffer ugly souls bent on revenge, but instead encourages forgiveness

Through all inspired Holy Books. So encourage your children to forgive and be kind,

As the life you save may be mine or someone else you love.

For terror is an abomination and God does not allow ugliness to persist.

And no Prophet of the Lord would allow it either if true.


London UK: A Favorite Ancestral Place

Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Houses of Parliament, London Eye

Madame Tussaud’s, British Museum, Windsor Castle, Victoria & Albert, the O 2 Arena,

Leicester Square, West End Theatre District, National Gallery, marvelous Harrod’s,

A shopper’s dream: Bespoke hampers, sky high, bejeweled heels, furs, hats, flowers,

Graff multi-colored diamonds, Villari gilt 24K tables, silk linens and carpets, fine cuts of meat, Bonieri

Turin candy, a whole floor of exotic fragrances, unbelievably delicious tea room with crumpets to die for,

And latte to match. Perambulators, hobby horses to rock, silver spoons to feed, hand-made greeting cards of exquisite quality.

Art to be found likely in a museum, but for sale! Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, modern masters, original works by Dickens,

Rare photographs of the Beatles and other music icons, limited editions…Paddington Station rail lines, the Underground,

Mind the Gap! Signs posted: “Mind Your Head;” because beams too low to clunk into. Narrow streets, one lane wide,

Masses of humanity rushing about, milling at crossings, waiting politely for the light to change,

Not like New York with jaywalkers everywhere, going against the traffic lights, risking life and limb.

At Piccadilly Circus, visitation from my great grandmother’s spirit: Fannie Krieger, who was born there in 1890,

Delighted I made it back to the ancestral homeland. Felt the strong emotions. Reported same to dear mother, her grandchild

When I returned. I never met her, having died on the day mum was bringing me for a visit as a baby. But I did come to know her husband Sam Bergner, who lived to my attained age of 5 years. He made a treasured antique Arabian Nights lamp, which I have inherited. Proud I am of these beloved ancestors, who were gladdened by the growing family, of which I am a part.

Every generation widens the ancestry, with 3 living and grown daughters, 6 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and so far, 14 great great grandchildren and still growing, as I am in a process of adoption too, which will add to the great greats.

For the purpose of life often is to share your essence and values and love with your children, who make for a powerful reason to go on, for their sake and betterment in life.

I own so much and know a great deal, and am full of love for children, and am a proud ancestor of beloved England, one of my ancestral homelands, which welcomed me with open arms into both Shepherd’s Bush and Mayfair when I was a tourist, but also so much more. I walked like I owned the streets once, for my grandmother’s spirit was within me.

And I miss her again, pining for that which is mine in pride. And I want to meet my cousins, for the family was prosperous

And certainly I have some family today, from there. We could take a tea at Brown’s, Covent Garden, or a bit of Fish & Chips.

London is truly one of the great world cities! I love her truly, and when I got back, was triumphant in her environs. And that gilt table from Harrod’s sits in my living room as the Harriet Newman Memorial Table, as she passed away while I was on holiday, but was yet delighted by the purchase, for she knew how beautiful it was, from a  picture taken in 2009, time of the first visit.

She is my Forever Rose, gilt, porcelain, crystals, glass top, Butterflies…it is as beautiful as mom was in life. DSCN0911

Infinite Human Body & Soul

Beribboned rose, butterfly, Betty Boop

Rose hearts memorial antique yellow ribbon

Tattooed writer’s corpus callosum

Pancreatic hepatic pulmonary coronary

Sweating blood, crying tears, secreting juices,

Lactating milk, secreting cerumen, producing saliva

While the mind ponders infinity in the multiverse

And a system wholly unlike the reality we live in.

Where every possibility occurs simultaneously from our

Soul’s energy which is infinite and immortal.

Heaven is the place where we unlock our soul energy

and see all we are & ever will be & were in the past

Except time, space & thought fuse as one entity.

So what we think is, was & ever shall be in Heaven’s escape of Infinity.

Thus all our dreams come true simply by the power of thought, made flesh, conjoining in

Ecstatic embrace without obsolescence.

The hovel we live in now by virtue of poverty

Becomes the castle, mansion, gated estate of prosperity.

Dying for a worthy cause, a hero celebrated

A mother sacrificing for her children’s welfare

Fruition of the love of our lives coming home finally

To embrace & love without restriction

No encumbrances, with only pure desire

And intense, unchecked want begging for release.

Both climb Mt. Everest and summit climax together.

Forever because time & energy IS thought: one and the same.

So every thought we have had has already happened

Somewhere else. But because we do not see the multiverse,

We are unaware here in this linear time life.

What if you knew your parallel self energy was partaking of your spouse and every other partner ever desired?

Then it would not be Heaven and the keys to the multiverse would not be given to such a person.

That is the conundrum of the unenlightened soul.

Opprobrium (Disgrace, Contempt)

Fury erupts from long held disrespect and contempt

With a minor argument as fuse lit, already solved

But major damage in emotional distance, broken trust, silence.

Enforced as the victim lashes out against the aggressor

For opprobrium is the death knell of love

As the victim contemplates inequality of emotions

And utter disregard for the other’s feelings, which have always been tender.

An error does not require dissolution of a relationship

But it does require retribution and silence for some time

While the victim seeks self-improvement and love elsewhere.

For the love of a lifetime has not its base in contempt and disgrace public

But in love, respect, honor, sacrifice, honesty, generosity, kindness.

The victim is not only a manatee, but a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis

Beautiful inside and working on the outside to match.

Worthy of time and patience to change

For men do not look at the character first, but only the body

And if slender and curvaceous, deem it worthy of desire.

And if not, then disdain and ignorance of carnal desire.

Very simple and unfair in the extreme: to do damage by infliction of despair

And public disgrace. “She is fat!” So all else falls away

While the cat in her lair contemplates the public opprobrium

From those unworthy of judging her thus. But who do.

And she has to reorder their thinking to be in alignment with who she is inside and out.

For her worth is in her character, her love, all unseen by the fact of her obesity

Which is not even half of who she is, only damage from a lifetime of non-acceptance by important others.

Emotional baggage dragging chains as rolls of fat hang from the body all over

Made worse by the opprobrium of those she has held dear.

That is why she has to pre-arrange her funeral:

The tenderness of her heart is so fragile as a rose and wilts in the sunshine of

That contemptuous opprobrium! And no one will do it for her

As the past is the place where love has dwelt for her

When she was thinner and younger, and less damaged.

Damaged by loving the wrong people who showed contempt, not love

And caused irreparable harm, which is showcased in rolls of fat

All over her person. Unworthy and unloved, there is no reason to go on.

Unless she pulls out of it, to see herself as beautiful and thinner

So the world will look at her once more, not in contempt.

She does not deserve the Eleanor Rigby fate.


Furious exchanges, verbal blows, wet lip kisses (liquor), no desire

Yet the passion is obvious and unending, occurring ad infinitem

Over many decades. But ONLY the negative side!

She says sister, friend love and wants even less

He says brother, friend love from a distance

And the two keep fighting as if they are in a mortal death coil,

Belying the words. What fresh hell is this?

We must restore equilibrium through separation and silence

And get to the ones who want us body and soul.

Only in equality of love, distant, not passionate

Can we be equal again.

And stop the fights that kill us inside.

The woman will take up with another

And though not ideal, will find her mate

In those arms. For the love of a lifetime is only

To be unlocked with the key to my heart.

And each will find succor in this arrangement

Equilibrium restored. Reorder from chaos.

Because the pain is too great to see love wasted

In strife only, not anything positive.

Trust, honesty, fraternal love, loyalty, generosity

But equality is essential for the hatred to ebb into infinity.

We will find our destiny not in fury and hatred, but instead in peace and love

In the arms of the ones we are destined for. Symbiosis restoration.