I feel him, I taste him

In all spaces of body and mind

For we are one in spirit first

And later, incarnate (in flesh).

In the stillness of the night

I can hear his cries, his grumbles

In that most secret space

hidden away from all but our conduit: God.

And I feel his inchoate yearning

Even as I do the same.

The tether is strong and strengthening over time.

For the love is real and mutual

With subtle hints from him and others

So that hope is nurtured

Even if the rose is in bloom now and may not be later.

Or circumstances prevent the union now.

Like Charles, Diana and Camilla

True love finds a way some day, somehow.

For the Lord is my shepherd

And I shall not want. At least not forever.

That which God hath joined, let no man put asunder.

We are already one in spirit, waiting for consummation.


And thus I see him with me joined in bliss.

Eating hot fudge and whipped cream in bed

Atop candied melons and rum cake balls.

(Figuratively of course).

Sleep sweet, beloved. The feast is coming…