Charcoal velvet bow tie

Ebony sequins on gossamer white lace

Gown, tuxedo, mirrored matching white silk heels

Honored guests, ice sculptures, multi-colored bouquets, tuna tartare

Diamonds, platinum, silver, vows as precious as the metals, more so

Hand-written, individualized.

Witnesses gaping, smiling, chuckling

Wedding night jokes of virginity in white

With red and black translucent negligee, bikini.

Speed-O undies, silk boxers, indescribable wordless gasping

Ecstasy of newly married bliss.


Psychology radically different

Because cohabitation is NOT marriage.

As definite as the “Do Not Disturb”

on the hotel suite door, no one else may trespass.

As the door closes for the two to remain one,

leaving others out in the zoo of other specimens.


Aah, to be wanted above all others

Sealed with a kiss and a vow

Even as the ice sculpture slowly melts.


Dedicated to dear friends John and Jerry who are scheduled for their wedding on April 25, 2015.



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