Intensity of passion so stiff

Makes roses wilt in a day

Awakening aroused wet, taut

Unbearably unquenched want

Looking at succulent Italian orange trees

But the fruit is out of reach

Unless one drags a tall ladder…

The subject knows the object of her desire

But he is not an object, but beloved.


He is a creature of beauty in the night

In my bed, though he knows it not

And has been, for endless lifetimes.

The scientist says infinite loop of continuity

Until circumstances link us in flesh,

Not merely dreams. It may take several lifetimes to connect,

But we will. For the desire of the heart and soul knows no bounds.

Even life and death have no power over true love.

As long as the two are one in spirit. 


They will meet in infinity seeking the other

For the soul will not be denied.

“As it is written, so shall it be done.”

                                                        Pharaoh Rameses IIImage



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