Charitable contributions proportional to income? Yes.

Voluntary labor instead of money or in addition to it? Yes:

Obligatory acts to aid the less fortunate while we glamorize and 

Beautify our skins, our homes, our bank accounts BUT

Choosing to bed only the good-looking in case of conception

Intelligent, working, at least middle income, no divorces or unhappy marriages please,

No immature, too fat or thin, drinking, smoking, drug-using no good,

No abuse, beatings, consoles filled with severed heads;

No asthma, diabetes, impotence, migraines, loud talk,

Tongue or nipple piercings, salami, bologna, garlic and onion breath,

Reeking supernatural disaster: Dracula stalking a stake in his breast,

A midget between two slices of bread, porn in marked briefcases,

Lemon cough drops mistaken as contraband, natural gas pipeline to

Alaska passing through your arse to heat and smell up sulfurous dioxide home

With warm water coming from cold faucet and toilets

Needing two flushes to get the gunk down:

water efficient bowls they are not. The hypernova explosion

Twelve billion light-years away and what did we catch from it?

Nada, but a photo- that’s good,

Because it would have blown us all away and our planet with it…

If it had been near.


The vampires, the literature, the movie industry- all nuts atop

Someone else’s nuclear sundae. What is the point, O heavenly Creator?

Tell us: we need to know. And we need to know now- before we blow 

Ourselves up with our petty hatreds and eons of religions divided,

We do not stand and the human family sees only the surface-

The differences which are unimportant because we must stand together

Or die falling into the oblivion of cosmic soup. 



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