Strangled cries of panic pierced the air from a distance

Loud bursts of gunfire, screech of misused tires, then silence. 

Deserted street littered with small-fry drug war losses–

The price of easy money is short life, then your corpse

Looking up at night sky with sightless eyes.

The brain processes no more- live fast, die young

Pursuing the rush of power, of money, of sex, of a glorious cocaine high,

Filled up to the hilt, buried deep in pleasure–

Then came crashing down- lost jobs, lost friends, lost high-flung lifestyle,

Lost love and God, we needed that rush one more time,

but where did it lead us? To a dead end. 


Driving a one way street in the wrong direction

Liking the breaking of societal rules until we smashed into

The signpost we did not see up ahead.

We knew we were doing wrong but still we did it– defiance reigns supreme!

Speeding, changing lanes recklessly, tailgating, too sharp turns, then one day—BANG!

Crash with the dead and wounded everywhere because life on the edge 

Is more exciting but infinitely more dangerous.

Casual sex without questions or condoms shows no respect for life–

Sooner or later- blood crash.


Do you know that the disease’s most contagious period is that one immediately following exposure?

Arm yourself with knowledge and live. 

Taste and see the goodness of the kiss of death, darling…


In Memorium: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger. 


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