Charitable contributions proportional to income? Yes.

Voluntary labor instead of money or in addition to it? Yes:

Obligatory acts to aid the less fortunate while we glamorize and 

Beautify our skins, our homes, our bank accounts BUT

Choosing to bed only the good-looking in case of conception

Intelligent, working, at least middle income, no divorces or unhappy marriages please,

No immature, too fat or thin, drinking, smoking, drug-using no good,

No abuse, beatings, consoles filled with severed heads;

No asthma, diabetes, impotence, migraines, loud talk,

Tongue or nipple piercings, salami, bologna, garlic and onion breath,

Reeking supernatural disaster: Dracula stalking a stake in his breast,

A midget between two slices of bread, porn in marked briefcases,

Lemon cough drops mistaken as contraband, natural gas pipeline to

Alaska passing through your arse to heat and smell up sulfurous dioxide home

With warm water coming from cold faucet and toilets

Needing two flushes to get the gunk down:

water efficient bowls they are not. The hypernova explosion

Twelve billion light-years away and what did we catch from it?

Nada, but a photo- that’s good,

Because it would have blown us all away and our planet with it…

If it had been near.


The vampires, the literature, the movie industry- all nuts atop

Someone else’s nuclear sundae. What is the point, O heavenly Creator?

Tell us: we need to know. And we need to know now- before we blow 

Ourselves up with our petty hatreds and eons of religions divided,

We do not stand and the human family sees only the surface-

The differences which are unimportant because we must stand together

Or die falling into the oblivion of cosmic soup. 



Strangled cries of panic pierced the air from a distance

Loud bursts of gunfire, screech of misused tires, then silence. 

Deserted street littered with small-fry drug war losses–

The price of easy money is short life, then your corpse

Looking up at night sky with sightless eyes.

The brain processes no more- live fast, die young

Pursuing the rush of power, of money, of sex, of a glorious cocaine high,

Filled up to the hilt, buried deep in pleasure–

Then came crashing down- lost jobs, lost friends, lost high-flung lifestyle,

Lost love and God, we needed that rush one more time,

but where did it lead us? To a dead end. 


Driving a one way street in the wrong direction

Liking the breaking of societal rules until we smashed into

The signpost we did not see up ahead.

We knew we were doing wrong but still we did it– defiance reigns supreme!

Speeding, changing lanes recklessly, tailgating, too sharp turns, then one day—BANG!

Crash with the dead and wounded everywhere because life on the edge 

Is more exciting but infinitely more dangerous.

Casual sex without questions or condoms shows no respect for life–

Sooner or later- blood crash.


Do you know that the disease’s most contagious period is that one immediately following exposure?

Arm yourself with knowledge and live. 

Taste and see the goodness of the kiss of death, darling…


In Memorium: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger. 


The study of the feet is a curious enterprise. 

Functional, essential bodily parts requiring attention, care,

But not special care unless a disease or fetish is present. 


Podiatry is the medical study of foot care

For those less fortunate than the children

Whose feet are perfect, unspoiled, and ticklish

The babies in particular have virgin feet, unsullied by steps, walking.


Then there are those who massage feet.

Either generically to relieve aches, tiredness,

Or purposefully, as a caress, as a tantalizing reflex to the groin

There are ways to touch the feet such that the recipient relaxes, then heats up.


The very selection and removal of footwear has meaning

For two in the dance of seduction

Of course, we can approach it non-libidinally and take a course.

Reflexology is the study of bodily reflexes as triggered by the touching of the feet. Every bodily part has a 

corresponding area on the feet. If stimulated in this area, the bodily part will respond.

It is also very relaxing when using a certain touch.


Touch me and see how I respond.

In turn, I will caress you and begin with your lips and end with the toes. 

I find foot massage and reflexology highly erotic and satisfying. 


I will soften you and melt you down

You will resist no more as I make our bed a sought-after meal. 

I will touch you everywhere you desire and in every way that you do

And be unafraid, sailing on the sea of your pleasure.

Rejoicing in the evidence of it and the quiet aftermath.


The trouble is the appetite for these things–like exquisite chocolate-doubles and quadruples-

And never can be sated but temporarily.

Such is the misery of distance, of love, of aching familiarity. 


For we long for the whole person

Of which the feet are only part.

Let me dig into your soles–

That part where the heart is—

And let me capture both, my sweetheart.