Who can measure the evolution of a smile?

From one of pleased to meet you, to curiosity, to a smirk

Smacking of knowing more than is spoken

To a gleeful chant in the eyes, to pure happiness

Radiant with the knowledge of love given and taken.

Such have I witnessed on the face of my beloved

Made all the more poignant by capturing the looks on film.

I carry him everyday in my dreams, my heart and in my wallet

Right next to thousands potentially spent through credit cards.

If one of them is gold, he is platinum

If others smile for the pose, his is more

Because in that moment, he was happy with me

And his happiness meant more to me than my own.


We play the game of the willing slave and master

I do his bidding and he is amused

I feel useful and appreciated even though I am obeying his will

Acting as though I have not one of my own

Because this way I am permitted to bring him pleasure

And I know he is not immune to my wiles

For in so doing, I entangle him in the confusion of a thousand emotions

Some intensely negative and others passionate.


We dare not touch or press the heated flesh while alone

Much too close to the hands of evil adultery

 For he is already married to another in word, if not in deed

And I must find what I seek in someone else’s arms

Even though he really owns me, body and soul

With his words and that look in his eyes. 



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