Please allow me to open you up

Remove the succulent loveliness of you from your shell

Caress the sweetness of your clams

Counting the gold and watching the sugar plum fairies dance in your eyes

As I draw you into my warm, protective arms.

I will give you everything you seek if you will but let me in

Into your stony, resistant heart, mind and body.

All the gates will open with the right words

But you must speak veritably from the heart

Or else I will know you for a phony, out only for the money.


Climb into my bed when the heart overflows

Let the river run: love is wet

So is birth, death, a good workout and  fine wine to ease nerves.

Come with me on the wondrous journey of life

When hungry, eat; when thirsty, drink; when hurt, console;

When happy, rejoice with me for I am only there for you

Because I want to be, because I love you.


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