Insistent yet honest

Purposeless, meaning nothing?

Full of temptation yet despair

Subconscious yearnings revealing themselves

Only in sleep, in body language, not words.

What we are told is only a fraction of what we know;

Too many drinks permit a look inside.


I look in a mirror and I see you in my face.

I wake and see you not beside me in my bed.

I know there is more than what you’ve told me

And I wonder if you will ever summon the courage

to tell me you feel the same.



Many other things get in the way.

Dimlighting our path, making it crooked.

We know we’re not sister and brother and we gain much from the other,

even as it is.

Yet it could be so much more…will the moon shine on us once more

and will you ever hold me the way you did so long ago?


Perchance not. Still I am better for having known you…

You who have invaded my soul and my dreams.

Fear not, I will maintain my distance in order not to endanger

our dear friendship, but this is yet another link in my many chains…




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