Who can I be? Without you, I am coming to nothing.

Nothing at all. For I depend on your love, support and care.

I am a horror show: freakish, spinning like a whirling dervish

Intent upon nothing but your entertainment and pleasure.

Without it, I am reduced to a flood of tears

For my only purpose now is to make you happy.

When you bought me at a great price, I turned over my nakedness to you

To do with as you will and I entered the bargain freely

Because I loved you more than anything but God.

I turned over my flesh to you because I knew you’d desired me

Even as my spirit belonged to the Most High.

I thought I was doing His will to bear the child I saw growing in my dreams.


And so, as your slave and His servant, I became a new creation–

great with child

And the contentment I read on your lovely face moved me

As I went to you to hold and kiss you and make you happy

Even as you had done a wondrous thing for me–

You filled me and made me whole once again.



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