As you stroll down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Think of me because that’s where I’ll be

You put me there even though it was more than I could bear.

You see, you did not care anymore

Upon that dream, one day closed the door

You riddled me with holes from your scorn

Leaving me to do no more but mourn

To cry the lonely tears of frustration

To lament what we could never be

To disrupt my life and my concentration

Never to hold me tenderly

Only to align yourself as the enemy.

As though I were the only one to blame

Never once to look inside yourself to see the cause of shame.

No, to you it was just a game.

Once again, the tumbling dice are rolled

It is my river of blood running cold

Because no longer did you give a damn

You had turned into a beast, a ram

Breaking my dreams and my heart

Despite my screams upon delivery of the dart.

I chose you as a supplicant, but you offered me no absolution

You turned me away because I made you sick

Now all I do is rave and rant, leaving me in the state of confusion

Because never once was I the one you could pick.

Now Eponine’s cry of unrequited love is my own

Out here on my own Boulevard of Broken Dreams

If you ever care to see me, that’s where I’ll be.


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