The fire of a thousand suns does not equal the ardor I have for you

I thirst for your mouth, your touch, your passion igniting upon me

I long to hear the words of love I have uttered a thousand times.

The brilliance of the sunrise I see in your delightful smile

The multi-colored hues of the sunset are the dreams I have of us.


When I am with you, I am content

Eating, kissing, touching, holding dearly

Consoling, problem-solving, trusting

These are our daily bread and for this, we pray.


I am for you and you are for me

We are conceived as one flesh

Distinct, separate yet joined

Our souls merge in unison in absolute joy

Knowing true happiness with our partner.


“I cannot live without you. My life is meaningless

Without you to share the joy and the sorrow

Your happiness is my highest aspiration–

Beyond wealth, material possessions or each of our faults.

I know and accept all of you, the good and the bad

And I am exuberant because of all you make me feel.

Please, my love, will you have me?”


And he replied “I will take you again and again even as we have been joined before…

Yes, my Cassandra, witch, beggar, temptress, I will be thine.”

And then they both cried for joy as it had been a long road they had travelled.


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