A fresh pressed rose lovingly preserved in the pages of a beloved book

A feeling of sublime intimacy, of candied orchids dipped in velvet fudge

A set of genitalia in consummate ecstasy, shared in the marital embrace

 A sense of anything is possible, le joie de vivre (the joy of living)

Sharing new experiences, giving what no one else has had,

Going to new places, because the lover would delight in it, and so do you, because he does.

Learning a new skill, a new dish, a new technique, a new garment to please

Working long hours and traveling far distances just so the burden is not his alone, but shared. 

Delight in agreement over a restaurant, a movie, a show, a vacation, a way of disciplining a child 

So that she does not grow up wayward, but a credit to herself and you both. 

Disagreeing but always remembering the core respect of the couple for each other. 

Talk and honesty most of the time; compromise; willingness to share in all the good and the bad together

Visiting the ill, comforting the elderly, counseling and teaching the young together. 


The best test is the one where one person is willing to forego their own needs and their own shot at happiness

Just so the beloved can achieve the pinnacle of success and love with another. 

Though it hurts, the one who sacrifices this will achieve much: they will see their beloved free and happy

And that will be enough for them, as true love does not possess, but allows the other their free choice of who is best for them. 

Sleep sweet, beloved, as the sacrifice weeps for what cannot be had- you. But your happiness is a higher goal. 

And what is given comes back to you: Karma. “Knock and the door will be opened.” 

But only if the heart survives the loss the first time. No guarantees in life. The beloved who gives up may perish,

But know she will be happy that you achieved your best outcome.

“For whosoever gives up his life for His sake will regain it in Heaven.”


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